Fortune Hunters

Ghost of The Goblin King

What Lies Beyond The Iron Doors?


The huge double doors swung open and Padraig MacTaggart strode confidently into a huge room that was once the great hall of the Goblin King. Now it was but a ruin. It was littered with broken wooden structures. The once mighty constructions of the goblin folk had been torn down and destroyed by the invading barbarian host long ago. The vast room now lay empty and quiet. But as Padraig gazed about the area green motes of light began to coalesce and form shapes. A translucent apparition of The Goblin King and a host of his goblin warriors took form. The Goblin King screamed. He pointed a finger at Padraig and blamed him and his people for the ruin of his mighty kingdom.

Padraig laughed and held up the magical ring that he now wore on his finger. The power of the ring added volume to his voice. His reply echoed throughout the chamber for all to hear. “That is right Goblin King. I Padraig MacTaggart have returned to the site of the mighty battle of my fathers fathers. I have found the magic ring in the tomb below and with your defeat will finish what began so long ago. I will bring honor to The Clan MacTaggart. Now feel the power of the Ring of Air!”

With that Padraig invoked the power of ring to create a powerful gust of wind 10 feet wide and 60 feet long right at The Goblin King. It pushed him and some of his ghostly goblin warriors back away from Padraig. And it slowed them down when they were trying to get closer to him. Padraig backed up to stand in the frame of the huge double doors so that the goblins trying to close to melee would be funneled into the full force of the magic ring’s gust of wind.

Some of the ghostly goblin warriors managed to fight their way through the powerful winds only to be hewn into nothingness by a mighty swing of Padraig’s Long axe. Stem got off a great shot that sunk deep into the Goblin King. However, the ethereal nature of the ghost resisted the full damage from the earthly arrows. Brother Eravin cast a spiritual hammer spell that conjured a magical hammer of pure force that pounded into the ghostly goblin king. Delphinian used his firebolt magic to blast a goblin warrior into nothingness.

The ghost of the goblin king struggled through the gale force winds to get closer and then in a fit of anger unleashed his horrific visage gaze attack. Padraig and Stem both looked into the eyes of the ghost and came face to face with their most terrible fears. Buoyed by his rage, Padraig made his save and resisted the horrific visage. He faced down the goblin king unmoved by the intense fear and panic incited by the gaze. But Stem was not so lucky. His keen elven eyes looked deeply into the darkness of the goblin king’s lifeless orbs. He saw what should not be seen. Such terror he witnessed that he aged 60 years and ran away from the battle in terror.

To make matters worse two piercers fell from the ceiling. Delphinian managed to dance out of the way of one but the other hit its mark and sank deep into the shoulder of Brother Eravin.

With Stem fleeing the battle, The Goblin King pressed his advantage. He phased through the floor to escape the ferocious winds and popped up right in front of Padraig. The ghost then unleashed another blast of necrotic energy. Padraig was hurt but Brother Eravin was hurt even worse.

Knowing that the ghost was resistant to his long axe, Padraig drew forth Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer, his enchanted javelin. But instead of hurling it he held onto the javelin and thrust it into the goblin king. The ghost howled in pain as the enchanted spear bit deep into its ghostly flesh. Padraig redirected the gale force winds from his magic ring to push the goblin king back and create some space.

Delphinian dealt with the piercers and Brother Eravim cast healing magic upon himself and Padraig. The Goblin King used his phasing trick one more time to close the distance and this time came right up inside of Padraig. With a failed save, Padraig was possessed by the ghost. Padraig turned to face his friends and they all saw the ghostly black of his eyes. Padraig pulled his arm back and let Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer fly and it buried deep into the chest of Brother Eravin. Clutching his chest, Brother Eravin, fell to one knee blood pouring down his chainmail armor (having 1 hit point remaining).

With Padraig possessed by the ghost of the goblin king, things looked bleak indeed as the huge barbarian readied his long axe to begin hewing his friends. But before he could finish Brother Eravin, the priest of Toth somehow managed to stand with his blood pooling around him. He held his holy symbol forth in front of him and said, “In the name of Toth begone foul spirit of the goblin king! Flee before the power of Toth!”

A bright radiance shown from the holy symbol engulfing Padraig. The ghost could not resist the power of Toth. He left Padraig’s body and moved away from Brother Eravin’s turn undead magic. Eravin then closed his fist and the spiritual hammer smashed once more into Goblin King’s now exposed ghostly flesh.

Shaking his head in disbelief at what he had done, Padraig turned and charged the goblin king bring his long axe down hard onto the ghost. Despite the resistance to earthly weapons, the axe and blunt end both hurt the ghost badly. Having had enough of the ghost, Delphinian unleashed a scorching ray that finally brought down the goblin king.

With all their foes defeated, Padraig turned off the wind from the ring and rushed to Brother Eravim’s side. He carefully pulled out the enchanted javelin and bound Eravim’s wounds. Stem shook off the lingering fear of the ghost but marveled that the 60 year aging effect was permanent. He reflected that as an elf it was not as serious an effect as it would have been for the humans. Padraig would have been rendered an 80 year old man and his strength would certainly have been diminished.

A quick search of the area found some treasure and a passageway leading to a large set of iron doors. Needing to rest badly, the fortune hunters set up next to the iron doors and waited. Leaf – The Imp Familiar invisibly watched the Goblin King’s hall and saw after an hour the ghost reformed moved to the large double doors and slammed them shut. He then disappeared.

After a long 8 hour rest, the group examined the large metal doors. Stem explained that they were magically sealed. Padraig still had a scroll with a knock spell that should open the doors, but they had been saving that to get out through the large stone boulder that sealed the entire complex. Everyone agreed that they wanted to press on so the knock scroll was used and the mighty iron doors opened. a short passageway led down some stairs to an underground river.

A few statues stood about the area. At first everyone thought they were elves but upon closer inspection, it turned out the statues were of dark elves. The stories of Padraig’s magical ring spoke of the the ring being forged and enchanted by dark elves. An inscription in the elven language on the rock wall across the river read:

Give an offering to the Queen of Spiders and she will take you home.

After puzzling over the inscription for a bit, Stem gathered a bit of some sticky spider webs from a corner of the cave. He then moved to the edge of the underground river and sprinkled the spider webs onto the water. Motes of purple light began to glow on the water where the webs had touched it. The motes of light floated to the ceiling and began to coalesce into the form of translucent purple spiders. The spiders lowered themselves on glowing purple threads to the surface of the water where they wove themselves together to form an eerie purple glowing boat.

Padraig reached down and touched the boat. It was clearly made of magic but it felt solid enough. He confidently strode aboard the boat. It seemed quite seaworthy and easily held his weight. He motioned for the others to follow. One by one they came aboard and the boat. When all were aboard, the boat began to slowly float down the river illuminating the cave tunnel with eerie purple light…



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