Fortune Hunters

Spectator XP Reward

After the encounter with the Piercers and the battle with the Spectator, the group earned 250 xp each. This brings everyone up to 2,830 experience points and 4th level!

The party decided to stay here for an extended rest, at the end of a tunnel where the Spectator had piled his treasure. You estimate well over 1500 copper and silver coins and in the pile of coins there is an old shield, a helmet and a small wooden box with a simple latch. After checking for traps Stem opens the box to find inside three potions. They are labeled and seem to have been made by the Western Barbarians a long time ago. Padraig reads the labels and thinks that one is a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Growth and a Potion of Water Breathing.

After a few minutes Stem notices something on the walls and stood up running his hand across the stone. ‘Padraig, hand me the little hammer and chisel that Zenus gave us.’ He starts to gentle tap away and a piece of rock come loose. On the other side of the rock are several good sized pink crystals. He smiles looking around and move towards the end of the tunnel chipping away. He turns to the group with a big smile and a piece of rock littered with good sized garnets of the most beautiful color. ‘I think the founders will be happy with these samples’ The pretty gems gleam in the torch light…



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