Fortune Hunters

The Carrion Crawler Tunnels

Finding The Shithole


The Fortune Hunters sailed their glowing purple spider web boat down the underground river away from the halls of the goblin king and towards the unknown. The wound through a seemingly endless tunnel for hours until finally the began to hear the roar of a waterfall. Stem and Padraig tried desperately to slowly or stop the boat but it went right over a waterfall.

Luckily the boat landed on the bottom of a 20 foot drop without capsizing and no one fell out. Stem spied a rope on the side of the passageway and Brother Eravim steered the boat towards it. Padraig reached out one of his long arms and grasped hold of the rope. He pulled the boat to the side of the tunnel and tied it off. Stem spied a walkway hidden in the side of the rock. It was a staircase leading up to a tunnel leading off from the main passageway.

Stem sent Leaf – The Imp Familiar flying invisibly up to explore the area. He found the tunnel led to a cave with a large carrion crawler. The Crawler seemed to smell the imp and burst into motion. Luckily Leaf made it out of the cave and alerted the fortune hunters to the crawler as it burst out of the cave. Padraig was first to act hurling a spear into the side of the giant crawler and leaping out of the boat onto the hidden staircase.

Stem fired arrows at the creature and Delphinian hit it with fire magic. Squirming in pain the creature surged forward toward a waiting Padraig who swung his long axe in a wide arc. The head of the axe sunk deep into the creature sending a shower of gore across the wall of the cave. All at once the creature went still and fell into the water carried away down stream.

Padraig plucked his spear out of the floating corpse and moved up the stairs towards the cave from whence the crawler came. The other fortune hunters followed and searched the room. Save for a few bones the room was largely empty but another small tunnel left the cave. It was small enough that Padraig would have to crawl through it on his hands and knees. Thinking the tunnel too dangerous to explore, the party left the cave to return to their boat. They found the rope to which is was lashed empty and dangling in the current of the river. The magical boat had vanished!

Seeing no other choice but to press on in exploring the small tunnel, Stem sent Leaf further up to explore. It went a long ways seemingly in an upward direction. Finally it ended it a cave with a large pool of water. The Imp could barely see the forms of two carrion crawlers under the surface of the water lying in wait. There was another narrow tunnel leaving the cave and continuing to head towards the surface.

Undaunted Padraig pressed on squirming his way through the tight tunnel towards the water pool filled cave. The last bit he snuck carefully up slipping into the cave behind Stem before the Crawlers detected the group. A battle ensued between the fortune hunters and the two carrion crawlers. Padraig flew into a rage and began smashing the creatures with his axe. Stem fired arrows and tried to maneuver to a place to get out of harms way but found it difficult. Brother Eravim released some holy magic and Delphinian could not really get close enough to help out due to the extremely close quarters.

The Crawlers were defeated and again there was not anything of value. But Padraig found some writing in Goblin on the wall of the cave. There was an arrow pointing up the passageway leading out of the cave and was labeled, “This way to the shithole.” So the group sighed but continued to work their way up the tunnels seeing no other choice.

After what seemed like an eternity of narrow passageways that Padraig could barely fit though, they finally arrived at a large cave filled with fecal matter and an over-sized wooden shit hole in the ceiling. Stem sent Leaf up to explore. The Imp flew through the hole in the ceiling and found himself in the home of a hill giant. Two hill giants in fact were in the house and arguing over cooking dinner. Leaf also could see that this house was amongst many hill giant homes up in the sword mountains. The Fortune Hunters did not want to engage or rile up the giants in order to respect the treaty the founders of Rasthaven made with the giants to leave each other alone.

Eventually the two giants left the house in search of something and the party made its move. They all climbed out of the shithole and made their way out of the house. But they could not resist grabbing a few things as they left the giant home. They grabbed a sack containing 500 SP and 300 GP. They also found what turned out to be a wand of the warmage +1.

Counting their blessings to be out of the underdark and not having any entanglements with the giants, the fortune hunters made their way back down to Rasthaven. There they met with the founders and told them of their trials and adventures in the halls of the goblin king. They were introduced to a dwarven miner by the name of Bolton Heavymetall. Bolton was very interested in the ore samples obtained by the party. He was very pleased with the samples and was keen to begin a mining operation. The party sketched a map to illustrate the location of the ore samples and also to warm of the remaining ghost of the goblin king and the flaming skull and the kuo toans. Each party member was rewarded with 50 GP credit at Zenus Longfeather’s store.

Padraig used 75 GP of credit the party had previously combined with 25 GP worth of his credit to purchase 2 scrolls of knock in order once again gain entry into the goblin caves should they wish to return. After showing off his new magical ring, Padraig heard a troubling rumor that the barbarian king who wore one of the the sister rings had been slain in his sleep and the ring had been stolen. Could the thief be trying to collect all the rings perhaps?

Even more troubling was that Piggy, Enoch’s trained wild boar ran wildly into town. Padraig MacTaggart used his speak with animals ability to speak with the creature. After calming it down he learned that Enoch had been captured by ogres. Padraig rallied the fortune hunters. They had to move quickly to save their friend…



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