Fortune Hunters

Unnearthing The Magical Ring

The Tomb of The Goblin King

After resting and healing their considerable wounds facing the Spectator, The Fortune Hunters began further exploration of the western caverns. They found 4 different interesting veins of ore from which they gathered samples. A vein of pink crystal, a purple garnet vein, a pure silver vein, and an electrum vein should be very interesting to the founders of Rasthaven.


Working their way carefully down the steep tunnels, the party found an old dusty tomb. There were several broken and smashed sarcophagi but one was intact. It seemed as though the barbarians of the goblin wars had ransacked all but one of the sarcophagi of the tomb because it was locked with a complex puzzle lock. Delphinian studied the mechanical puzzle and and eventually was able to outwit its design and unlock it. Padraig then heaved the stone lid off of the sarcophagus and peered inside. There he came face to face with a disembodied incorporeal glowing green skull floating above a dessicated corpse of a huge old goblin. The skull cackled and floated out of the stone coffin blasting a scorching rays from its eye sockets. Everyone leaped into action attacking it as best they could until it sought cover behind the stone sarcophagus. With a huge shove Padraig squashed the glowing skull between the stone sarcophagus and the stone wall. It was finally laid low just before it was going to release a fireball spell. With great relief, Padraig searched the goblin corpse lying in the coffin. He found a silver headband, gold tooth, 2 bone scroll tubes (with scrolls of mirror image and minor illusion), a silver ring with a ruby adornment, and a golden ring with elven writing.

Reading the elven writing on the golden ring in addition to Brother Eravin’s identify spell revealed that the ring was originally crafted by a dark elf smith. It was one of a set of 5 elemental rings. The ring’s name translated form the elven as “The Ring of Air”. It must be worn on the right hand on the pointer finger in order to attune to it. Padraig followed the instructions and attuned himself to the ring. Wearing the ring, Padraig’s voice felt more powerful. The war leader function of the ring allowed his voice to carry over long distances and overpower the din of the battlefield. The main power of the ring, however, was that once per day it could cast the spell Gust of Wind.

Knowing that he had found the ancient ring of the Goblin King that was never found in the barbarian goblin wars of long ago, Padraig held it aloft and exclaimed to his ancestors. I have recovered the ring of my father’s fathers and brought great glory to The Clan MacTaggart.

After carefully climbing back up in the large room with the Spectator, suddenly the party was beset by a fully healed Green Glowing Skull. It must have reformed to attack The Fortune Hunters once more. Another terrible battle erupted but again the creature was put down. Delphinian had the excellent idea of putting the remains of the Glowing Skull back into the Stone Sarcophagus in the Goblin King Tomb below. The party carefully did so and sealed the stone coffin once more. The Glowing Skull did not return.

Moving back to the main cavern, the Fortune Hunters approached the huge double door that was the main hall of the Goblin King. They unlocked the huge padlocks and unchained the doors. Everyone stood back a bit fearfuk at what was on the other side of the door. Padraig held his new magical ring aloft and turned to them saying the following:

Padraig then threw open the doors and strode confidently into the room. The dust in the empty hall stirred as the ghostly forms of the huge Goblin King and many goblins rose up to see who was disturbing their rest.




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