Fortune Hunters

XP Recap Hall of the Goblin King and the Hill Giant's Cabin

All of this treasure added to the Master Party Treasure List

Hall of the Goblin King XP: 2,200
Drow River XP 1350

XP Total: 2570/4=643 each

Individual XP Total: 3473 (5th level 6,500)

Treasure from the Hall of the Goblin King.

+1 Magic Adamantine Chain Shirt
Silvered Mace
Ceramic pot with 20 sp
Mummified Elf Hand on a Hemp Necklace 10 gp value
Gold ring woth 10 gp
12 gp
12-10 gp diamonds
Scroll tube with a Scroll of See Invisibility

Treasure from the Hill Giant Cabin

200 gp
300 sp
+1 Wand of the War Mage



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