Leaf - The Imp Familiar

Stem's Familiar


The Imp has all of the abilities, skills, resistances, immunities and powers listed in the MM with but two exceptions. It has only 2 HP (1d4 HD) and cannot attack, so it does not have a poison stinger.


Buried under the old tower for over one-hundred years, an evil Imp has been freed from its prison by the hero’s of Rasthhaven. Wounded an on the run, the tiny creature could have gone anywhere…

In fact the Imp made its way to the town of Rasthaven. He made a great deal of trouble there by murdering a young boy who was on watch in the tower and setting Nasty Canasta and his bandit goon free.

The Fortune Seekers tracked Nasty down after his escape and got the jump on him in the forest. Stem snuck up behind the little creature and threw a burlap sack over the Imp. The foul mouthed creature swore at the elf as it struggled to escape the confines of the sack. Nasty and his men chased after trying to free the creature, but Stem was faster and managed to get away and hide. The Imp did finally tear the sack to shreds and escape, but Stem quickly used his sturdier leather backpack to trap him once more.

After the battle was over, Stem used his find familiar spell to bind the little creature to his service. The Imp has a new master now…

Stem learned some valuable details from his new familiar about The Claw in The Chest magic item discovered in the Necromancer’s lair.


Leaf - The Imp Familiar

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