Laird Tavish MacTaggart

Padraig's Father - Deceased


Human Barbarian


Laird Tavish MacTaggart was from Bakkar and set out on a life of adventure, eventually settling far from his native land in the far south. On his death bed he gave Padraig MacTaggart, his only son, a map, detailing lost treasure in the old mines of the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan. Legend has it that Padraig’s great grandfather served under one of the Barbarian princes and was one of the only people to be told of the lost treasure with the exception of the Barbarian princes. During the war it was discovered that the Goblin King was in possession of two magic rings, one was taken by a Barbarian prince and the other was lost in the mines, sealed by magic forever.

Laird Tavish MacTaggart

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