Nasty Canasta

Leader of a Bandit Gang


Human Fighter


Nasty Canasta led a small band of bandits that terrorized the edge of the outpost town of Rasthaven. The town had a bounty on him if he could be brought back to the town in chains. The party was ambushed by some of Nasty’s men. The party tracked them back to their base and defeated all the bandits, taking Nasty as a prisoner. During the battle Nasty wielded an enchanted scimitar to great effect.

Charley and Fred had Nasty chained to the watch tower. The next day Miles Hammish was going to run him down to the southern outpost to claim the bounty. That night, however, and Imp who The Fortune Seekers had inadvertently set free from an ancient necromancer’s lair flew into town and freed Nasty and urged him to create a new gang to cause trouble for Rasthaven.

Nasty did not get far before The Fortune Seekers tracked him down and captured him again. He his back in chains in the wagon and being taken south by Miles Hammish.

Nasty Canasta

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