Padraig MacTaggart

Human Barbarian - John's Character


A huge, tall, muscular, imposing figure, Padraig wears a green and white kilt, The Tartan of Clan MacTaggart. His fiery blue eyes burn with a touch of madness. Padraig paints his body with blue woad and charges into battle with only his kilt on to strike fear into his enemies. A necklace of wild boar tusks and Eagle Feathers is always around his neck and he is never far from his huge Long Axe which he wields with ferocity.


Padraig grew up as the heir to the Lairdship of the Clan MacTaggart, his ancient homeland. He was taught to fight at an early age by his father Laird Tavish MacTaggart and led his clansman into battle many times.

Padraig won great fame in his clan for running 25 miles without stopping to warn the clan of a rampaging orc horde. His father The Laird united all the clans against this common foe and they were victorious.

Clan MacTaggart has an ancient and fierce reputation. Padraig’s ancestors of Clan MacTaggart fought alongside The Barbarian Princes in the Great Goblin Wars of the continent of Bakkar. Padraig’s fatherLaird Tavish MacTaggart was tragically killed by a wild boar while hunting with his son. Padraig had been reckless and put himself in harms way by wounding a huge wild boar and leaving himself defenseless. When the boar charged Padraig to gore him, his father leaped in front of Padraig. The charging boar’s thick tusk pierced The Laird at the hip and ripped him open all the way to his shoulder. The mighty barbarian still managed to bring his axe down on the wild boar and slay him, but the old man’s wound was too grave to mend.

On his death bed, Padraig’s father gave him a map of the goblin caves in the Skullcrusher Mountains on the continent of Bakkar. His father bid him to find a magical ring that was buried deep in the bowels of a sealed goblin cave. The caves were the last stand of the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan during the goblin wars. Padraig’s great grandfather had fought alongside the Barbarian Princes and made a map hoping some day to return to claim the ring. This map had been handed down to his son and now to Padraig.

Blaming himself for the death of his father, Padraig turned over Lairdship of the Clan to his uncle Dougal MacTaggart and left his homeland determined to carry out his father’s dying wish and to restore his honor and standing in his clan. He will find the goblin ring and restore honor to his name.

Padraig MacTaggart

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