Fortune Hunters

Rat Trap

The Fortune Hunters hid in the shadows and thick webs of the now empty spider lair. The battle with the spiders had taken its toll, so bandages were applied and a short rest was taken to regroup and regain strength.

Using Leaf – The Imp Familiar as a guide, the party moved deeper into the goblin caves. The found many of the passages had holes carved into the walls. Brother Eravin theorized that wooden structures once were built into the walls. These probably housed the goblins of old. The Imp used its echo location senses as a bat and invisible flight to make an excellent scout. Using his familiar powers, Stem could see through his minion’s eyes.

The tunnels led down into the earth. A rat was spotted and expertly shot by Stem. But there were signs of more. A great many rats had a network of warrens and tunnels too small for the humanoids to fit in. They were keeping their distance but seemingly threatening the party at he edges of the light. Some strange mushrooms were growing in some of the tunnels. They were of two colors – red and green. The rats seemed to be eating the green mushrooms but leaving the red one’s alone. Padraig did not recognize the mushrooms but warned against eating any of them.


The way forward was blocked by a cave in. There was space to crawl through, but Padraig would have none of that. He worked for about half an hour using his strong arms and legs to move the boulders and piles of rock blocking the way. Soon the way was clear for easier passage. While Padraig was working Leaf was flying around invisibly and searching the huge room on the other side. The large cavern with a 60 foot ceiling was filled with patches of mushrooms and had three tunnels leading out but seemed safe with no creatures about.

With the way clear, Padraig strode confidently into the room and promptly triggered a covered pit trap. A huge hole opened up n the floor and the barbarian fell 20 feet down to land on the hard rock floor in a cloud of dust and debris. Before he could even get up a horde of rats flooded out of small cracks in the walls to attack him.

Up above the rest of the party could not see the bottom of the pit due to all the dust in the air. Stem tied a rope to a stalactite and threw it down into the pit, yelling for Padraig to come to the sound of his voice to find the rope. Padraig, hurt from the fall and angered by the trap, leaped up, entered a rage, and began to smash the rats with his long axe. Knowing that Padraig was hurt from the fall, Brother Eravin cast healing magic on Padraig twice as he battled the rats. Padraig fought his way to the rope but smiled and chose stay and fight instead of climbing to safety. He was not running from rats. That was be a cowardly and dishonorable thing to do.

Meanwhile there was trouble up above as 4 piercers had snuck up on the party. They were very difficult to see, blending in with the cavern’s ceiling. They were only visible when they were moving. Stem hit one with a couple of arrows and Delphinian blasted some fire magic up at them. Eventually one fell but the others were getting close.


Padraig smashed the last rat and smiled grimly at his work. 21 dead rats and 4 dead giant rats lay scattered about the floor of the pit. He spun around and with one quick motion climbed the rope to join his comrades at the top of the pit. There he found them in a stalemate with the piercers. Neither side was moving but waiting for the other to make a move. Padraig, still raging yelled a war cry and ran into the room hoping to flush them out. One of the piercers dropped but luckily missed Padraig. The barbarian spun around and brought his axe down on the piercer ending it.

With the battle won, the Stem sent Leaf down each passageway to scout it out. He found a long winding passageway led down to a watery cavern with 7-12 Kuo Toans lurking in it. Another passage to the North led to a huge wooden double door with mighty chain and padlocks securing it shut. There was writing on the door that neither Stem not Leaf could read. The final steep sloped passage led down to a cavern filled with the broken remains of timbers and wooden structures. It seems that all the goblin construction of the old skullcrusher clan was ripped out and thrown down into this cave. Stem spied a Spectator there – a magical creature summoned as a guardian.

The party waited a bit and considered their next move…


Treasure and XP Recap (Goblin Caves)

Everyone receives 200 XP from the Brown Bear and Giant Spider encounter at the beginning of the Goblin caves of the extinct Skullcrusher Goblin clan. That brings the XP total to 2413 , still a little shy of the 2,700 needed to advance to 4th level. You will need an extended rest before that can happen anyways.

You also discovered some loose coins in the spiders nest of webbing: 20 cp, 17 sp, 12 gp and a very old gold necklace and medallion of Elvish nature. Stem quickly palmed the item before anyone else had noticed its discovery.

This XP and Treasure has been added to the Master Party Treasure List.

Breaching the Goblin Caves

While Stem stayed in the woods and used his fin familiar spell to bind The Imp to his service, the party returned to Rasthaven with Nasty Canasta and his men in chains. Fred and Charley insisted that Nasty would be brought to justice this time. He was chained to the wagon and Miles Hammish set off for the outpost to get paid for the bounty. The rest of the prisoners had no bounty but were horse thieves and worse running in Nasty’s gang. Fred and Charley explained that come dawn they would hung by the neck until dead in retribution for their crimes.

Padraig MacTaggart took a metal strongbox out of his pack and showed it to Fred and Charley. Knowing that the two brothers had the silver key in their possession from Stem’s investigations, Padraig explained that the box was layered with necromantic magic and was tied to a silver key which we were unable to find. Padraig waited as the bait was dangled in front of the two brothers. They asked where the box was found. Padraig explained that it was uncovered in a hidden necromancer lab near the ruined tower outside of town. Charley bit and ran back to his house. He returned shortly after with his journal and the silver key he was using as a bookmark. It was just as Stem had described.

Padraig offered to purchase the Silver Key from the two brothers. They were reluctant to give up the token they had found. And were ready to drive a hard bargain. Delphinian stepped in using his Charismatic wiles to try and broker a good deal. His first tact was to convince the brothers that they should give up the key for free. That did not go over well. In fact the brothers demanded 100 gold coins for the key.

Some tense and bitter negotiations followed. With the Rasthaven Brothers not budging from their hard bargain price and Delphianian complaining to all who would listen about the terrible and unfair deal. Padraig stepped in and offered to exchange the 7 Ogre Tongues that they were told would carry a 10 gp bounty on each for the silver key. The brothers counter offered the 7 tongues plus 10 gold coins. Delphianian continued to berate the brothers for trying to weasel every last copper out of the adventuring company and could not believe how he was being treated. In the end Padraig handed over the 7 ogre tongues and 10 gold coins from his own purse to settle the score before things go any more out of hand. After some grumbling all parties seemed content.

Delphinian examined the silver key and then suddenly used it to open the box. A disembodied mummified hand leaped out of the box to startle the crowd which had gathered around the fire and was watching the strange goings on. Delphinian frowned at the creature and commanded the hand audibly in the common tongue. He told it to approach him and spin around in a circle. The hand obeyed his commands. Delphinian smiled and said, “I shall call you Thing. Return to your box Thing.” The hand complied and Delphian shut and locked the box, putting the Silver Key on a bit of ribbon around his neck, and tucked the box under his arm.


Late at night by the fire, Enoch broke the news to his new found friends that he was not going to join them on their trek to the goblin caves after all. The loss of his Mastiff Comet had hit him hard and he needed some time to train his new animal friend – Piggy – a wild boar. Padraig hugged Enoch and said that it was an honor to have fought by his side. He wished him well in the training of piggy and asked a favor of him to train an eagle, hawk, or falcon of some kind for Padraig to purchase in the future. Enoch agreed. Enoch also spent some time training the group on what to look for as far as mining signs – which kinds of rocks to get samples of and what to look out for.

After a good night’s rest, Padraig MacTaggart, Delphinian, and Brother Eravin left town determined to reach the goblin caves. Stem and his new familiar he was calling “Leaf” much to the chagrin of the foul mouthed Imp, met them at the bridge outside of town.

The group traveled swiftly and after a few days without incident reached the caves of the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan. The evening before the reached the caves a huge bear had sniffed around the edges of their camp site. Padraig saw that the tracks led the same direction the group was traveling. And sure enough after Leaf scouted the area invisibly, it was learned that the bear’s lair was right in the cave where we wished to travel. Not wanting to harm the bear unnecessarily, Padraig caught some fish as the bear slept during the day and left them out in a trail leading them away from its home.

Just as expected the bear hungrily ate the fish and followed them away from the cave, and the party came out of hiding and slipped into the cave entrance. There they found the bear’s lair and a huge stone sealing the cave entrance. Stem and Delphinian examined the rock and found that it was indeed magically sealed just as the legends had described.


Padraig took one of the two knock spell scrolls out of his pack and handed it over to Delphinian thinking that wizard needed to read the scroll in order to unleash its magic. He found that a spell scroll had its magic already tied to the ink and paper and could be read by anyone to unleash its magic. With an audible change in pressure, the rock slid away revealing a passageway covered in cobwebs. Everyone quickly got on the other side of the rock understanding that after a minute or two the magic of the knock would subside and the caves would once more be sealed.

Suddenly a giant spider came out of nowhere and attacked Padraig. A difficult battle ensued with 3 of the arachnids. The spiders shot sticky webs to entangle the group. Both Stem and Padraig were covered in sticky webs. And much to the groups amusement the slender elf Stem was able to rip the webs apart and escape much faster than the huge barbarian, Padraig. After dealing with the poison and the sticky webs and the spiders ability to hide in the webs, the battle was finally won as the stone slid back into place entombing the group until the second scroll could be used to open the way out.


Treasure and XP Recap (Nasty and the Imp)

The party earned 1075 xp for chasing down Nasty Canasta and the Imp from the old tower. This brings the xp total for everyone to 2,213, not quite enough for 4th level but you are getting close.

They found little of value on the Bandits, a total of 12 gp and 42 sp but the real treasure was the capture of the Imp. After Stem cast Find Familiar on the foul-mouthed little creature it becomes bound to serve a its new master.

For game purposes The Imp has all of the abilities, skills, resistances, immunities and powers listed in the MM with but two exceptions. It has only 2 HP (1d4 HD) and cannot attack, so it does not have a poison stinger. Everything else is the same and Stem has found himself a powerful little familiar…

This Treasure and XP has been added to the Master Party Treasure List.

Revenge of the Imp
Nasty Canasta Escapes

Brother Eravim became ill after eating some ofEnoch’s food he gathered and was carried into town after the trip from the Ogre Cave. The Fortune Hunters were greeted by grim news as it seems the Imp had found his way into town, killing a young boy on watch before freeing Nasty Canasta and his henchman. The Fortune Hunters were greeted by the Elders of Rasthaven and an old friend of Eravim’s, Delphinian the Sorcerer.

Enoch and Padraig decided to follow Nasty’s tracks while they were still fresh and Delphinian joined them. They followed the tracks down to the river and then south and out of the Rasthhaven Valley. Padraig and Enoch found some little clawed tracks here and there in the mud confirming their suspicions that The Imp was traveling with the escaped bandits. The next morning the Fortune Seekers caught up with Nasty on the road as he was meeting some more Bandits and a Human Berserker. After a few minutes of talk the Imp revealed itself as the Fortune Seekers snuck up on the Bandits.

Stem pulled off the inspired move of the night by sneaking up behind The Imp and catching him in a burlap sack. The foul mouthed creature managed to tear the sack to shreds but Stem was ready with his leather backpack. After a tense battle with Delphinian scorching Nasty with a spell the tide was turned with Nasty going down and the Berserker being slain by Enoch and Padraig. The few remaining Bandits surrendered and the entire lot was taken back into town in chains.

Stem stayed in the forest and used his new Find Familiar spell to bind the foul-mouthed little devil to himself. Stem also forced The Imp to reveal some more facts about his previous master – a human necromancer, the fact that he was trapped in the necromancer’s lab for several hundred years, and that the magic box we found contains a mummified disembodied hand that can be controlled by whoever has the key Stem found at Charley and Fred’s house.


XP and Treasure Recap
Ogre Hunt

The party earned 675 xp each for a grand total of 1,138 xp earned, bringing everyone up to 3rd level.

The PC’s found the following treasure after their encounter with the Ogres:
600 cp, 550 sp, 126 gp, 6-50 gp silver goblets, 3-50 gp gold rings, a bone scroll tube with two Magic Scrolls: Tenser’s Floating Disc and Levitation (Stem) and a +2 Magic Javelin (Padraig).

This XP and Treasure was added to the Master Party Treasure List.

Old Tower Treasure

At the old tower the party discovered a magic box with what seems like something that is alive locked inside. Stem thinks the lock matches the silver skeleton key in the possession of Fred and Charley back in the village of Rasthhaven. They also gather some coins from the two Ogres they encountered at the old tower: 18 gp and 60 sp.

Split four ways: 4 gp and 20 sp each.

The Ogre Lair
Comet's Fall

Padraig MacTaggart and Enoch moved the ogre bodies into the stairwell leading down into the crypt and closed the door to seal them off and not have them attract any predators in the evening. A fire was made inside the ruined tower at the bottom of the excavated area well out of site. A nice camp was made there with roasting meat and drink as discussions continued on what to do with the newly acquired magic box. It was clear that something alive or magical was inside the box. It kept trying to roll away by the movement of something inside it. It was difficult to carry due to the awkward movements. Stem tried his hand at picking the lock. Brother Eravin assisted the lockpicking by casting a spell which enabled him to choose a skill to be suddenly trained in. The efforts bore no fruit. The lock was too complicated. It was decided that on the morning, the party would track the ogres back to their lair and see if there were any more. Then the group would return to Rasthaven to try and acquire the key to the book from Fred and Charley.

The tracking went well with Enoch and Padraig MacTaggart making good use of their tracking skills. The ogres large feet were not difficult to follow. Justt then the largest wild boar anyone had ever seen came bursting out of the forest and running down toward everyone. Stem hit it with an arrow, Enoch hit it with a crossbow bolt, Brother Eravin cast a spell to make it burst into flame, and Padraig took a huge swing at it with his long axe and it dropped dead. As was his custom, Padraig removed the tusks of the wild boar planning to add them to his necklace of boar tusks at a later date. Enoch and Padraig felt it a shame to leave all the meat behind, but everyone was eager to find the ogre lair. So the party pressed on.

After a few hours of trekking through the wilderness, the party smelt campfire smoke and snuck up on a bluff with rocky cliffs and a small eathern rampart leading up to a small landing. A large fire was burning on the landing with two ogres sitting beside it. Two cave entrances were also visible by the fire in the side of the cliff.


The party fanned out and began sneaking up on the ogres. Stem made his way up above them and the rest were down below. Padraig and Comet made some noise and the ogres grew restless. One of them went into the cave and the other began looking intently around. Able to wait no longer the surprise attack was sprung. Padraig hurled a spear into the Ogre, Stem shot him with an arrow, and Enoch hit him with a bolt from his newly acquired crossbow. The Ogre screamed in pain and rushed forward to attack. Two more ogres came out of the cave onto the bluff. Padraig rushed forward and occupied the choke point on the ramp keeping the ogres bottled up on the cliff. But the Ogres had javelins that hurled to great effect. One lodged into Enoch’s thigh and the other skewered Comet pinning him to a tree.

The Ogres then tried to jump down off the cliffs to flank Padraig and Enoch. One of them fell off the cliff in a botched attempt to jump down and was hurt even further by Padraig’s Long Axe as he fell at Padraig’s feet. One of the Ogre’s closed to melee with Brother Eravin and smashed him down with his greatclub. Comet and Brother Eravin were down and bleeding to death. Enoch and Padraig were severely wounded and too far away to help their friends. Stem was unhurt but still very far away up on the ledge above the fray raining down arrows. There were still four ogres left and things were looking very grim.

Padraig MacTaggart then decided to make a key move – he cut down one of the ogres and looked at Brother Eravin and Comet both were bleeding out and needed help immeiately. He had to choose. He ran over to Brother Eravin’s side. Enoch used his healing magic to close some of his own wounds and fought on. Padraig ducked as an ogre followed him and swung his greatclub at him. Padraig then knelt and carefully administered his potion of healing to Brother Eravin. Immediately life returned to the cleric as the healing liquid coursed through his body. Eravin said a prayer to Toth and cast healing magic upon Padraig. Padraig smiled as the battle had turned back in their favor but that smile turned to a frown as he noticed comet was no longer breathing.

The battle raged on with Enoch using his hunter;s mark spell to do additional damage to his hated enemies and Padraig had several critical hits. Finally after the last ogre fell, Enoch rushed over to his faithful mastiff Comet. He carefully removed the javelin and held the dead dog tenderly in his thick arms. Padraig came out of his rage and looked upon the dwarf holding the lifeless dog and a tear streaked down his blue wode covered face.

Brother Eravin said a prayer as Enoch buried his faithful hound. Padraig comforted Enoch by saying that he hoped Comet would sit at the hearthfire of the great warriors of Clan MacTaggart and wait for his master to find him in the after life.

Still carrying the weight of the grief of their loss, the party searched the ogres finding some coin sacks. Padraig removed the tongues of the ogres and put them in a sack in order to claim the bounty on them in Rasthaven.

The party then entered the caves and searched the ogre den completely. The found much treasure in the form of coins, silver goblets, some golden rings, a bone scroll tube case with two wizard spells of Tenser’s Floating disk and Levitation. Finally they found a magical javelin called Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer that was clearly a relic of the goblin wars and made by Padraig’s ancestors the barbarians. Padraig claimed the javelin, Stem claimed the wizard scrolls, and the rest of the treasure was divided equally.

The Ruined Tower
The Box and The Key

Nasty Canasta and the other brigand captured on the bandit camp raid were cast in irons and tied to the horses. Enoch and Comet led the way back towards Rasthaven. Night had fallen by the time the small village was reached. A young boy was up in the watchtower when he heard a startling sound. It was feint at first but it got louder and louder. A marching tune played on the bagpipes was approaching. A large crowd gathered at the gate to see what all the noise was about. The gates parted and in strode a triumphant kilted Padraig MacTaggart playing outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes. Behind him leading four horses was Brother Eravin. Nasty Canasta and his partner in crime were bound to the horses.

Fred and Charley came out of the crowd and asked what all the commotion was about. Padraig stopped playing his pipes and gestured to the bandits on the horses, and explained they had returned to claim the bounty on Nasty Canasta. The two brothers smiled and explained that they were wanted in the next town to the south but offered a deal to give Padraig MacTaggart 100 gold coins worth of credit in exchange for the prisoners. They would have old Miles Hammish run the two down to the outpost to collect the bounty on the morrow. After negotiating a price for the four horses Padraig agreed to a total of 200 GP worth of credit at Zenus Longfeather‘s shop here in town. The credit was also good at William Silversmith’s blacksmith shop. The criminals were chained to the watchtower and everyone gathered around the fire to share some ale and stories by the fire.

Brother Eravin learned that there was a plot of land and house for sale here in Rasthaven. The cost was 400 gold coins. He told Charley that he might be interested in establishing a church of Toth there. Fred and Charley seemed cool to the idea but Zenus Longfeather seemed to like the idea of having some more honest folk in town.

Meanwhile Stem had slipped into town unseen and was exploring a bit. Once everyone had gone to bed, he kept an eye on Fred and Charley. He spied on them as they did a little cleaning up of their modest home in town. They were writing in a big journal and discussing the names and deeds of Padraig MacTaggart and Brother Eravin. The bookmark in the huge journal was made with an ornate silver key that caught Stem’s interest.


After the two brothers went up to bed, Stem slipped inside through the window and searched around. He found a trap door under the table leading down to a root cellar. He snuck upstairs while the brothers were sleeping and managed to open a trunk at the foot of Fred’s bed. Inside he found the book. He carefully removed it and leafed through the pages while the two brothers were snoring quite loudly. He found notes and journal entries about the founding of the town, its goings on, plans the brothers had. Intrigued by the key, Stem found an entry detailing how the brothers excavated a ruined tower that used to be the lair of some Necromancer in the old days of the goblins in the area. The tower was not far from town. The only thing they found in the excavation of interest was a silver key whose description matched the one being used as a bookmark. Stem carefully examined the bookmark and found it to be magical. It had an aura of necromantic magics. Stem carefully put everything back the way he found it and slipped away without anyone being the wiser.


The next day Padraig MacTaggart and Brother Eravin stopped by the trading post to see about spending some of their credit. They purchased a healer’s kit and a potion of healing for Padraig, 2 vials of holy water (one going to Brother Eravin and the other to Padraig). And finally 100 feet of silken rope that Enoch put in his pack. The total was 125 GP leaving them with 75 GP worth of credit at the store.

The group set out once more and met up with Stem. After he explained the finding of the key and the story about the ruined tower, Padraig‘s interest was piqued. They decide to check it out. Just as had been described in the journal, they found the ruined tower had been excavated, Padraig and Enoch dug around with shovels but found nothing. It had been well excavated by Fred and Charley. Stem from a perch high up on the tower spied a mound of dirt that did not quite look natural. He investigated and found some sort of stonework that had been filled in with dirt and covered up long ago. Padraig and Enoch dug it out with several hours of hard work and revealed a staircase leading down to a locked solid oaken door. Stem led the way and picked the lock of the door and opened it. Inside something made a tiny noise but otherwise the place was deathly quiet. Stem carefully slipped inside a larger room past 3 cells set on each wall on his left and right. The larger room looked like it had once been a lab of sorts long ago. Remnants of broken glass vials and tattered moldy parchment notes were found. But time had not been kind to the room for now it was just a mass of dirt and debris. A noise drew Stem’s attention to under a table. He saw a rat for a moment before it disappeared out of view.

A search of the room uncovered a masterwork iron chest partially buried under one of the broken tables. When Stem picked it up it shook as if something inside were moving about making it very difficult to hold. The party brought the chest out above ground and into the light. It looked to Stem as if the silver key with the brother’s book would certainly fit the intricate lock of the box. It radiated the same necromantic magic. It was clearly enchanted. Every time someone picked it up, the box would move a bit on its own as if something were inside it. It required a strength or dex check to maintain possession of the box.


It seems the rat from the crypt was an Imp in disguise who suddenly appeared saying a nasty swear word and taunting the group for providing its means of escape. Then it disappeared by turning invisible. Stem was hot on its trail, keen to not let it escape. With the help of Enoch’s huge mastiff Comet, they cornered the imp on a perch on the ruined tower. Stem took a difficult shot with disadvantage with his bow at the invisible imp and managed to hit the creature and draw blood. Padraig hurled a spear but the Imp had moved away. It was wounded but managed to escape.


Just then a couple of ogres wandered up the path to the tower mumbling something about finding rats to eat. Enoch was keen to fight them for Ogres were his sworn ranger enemy. Padraig hurled a spear to get their attention and then went into a berserker rage, swinging his Long Axe in deadly wild arcs. Between the axes of Enoch and Padraig and the deadly arrows of Stem, the Ogres were slain. Enoch took some serious damage and almost went down but Padraig’s damage reduction from his rage saved him from a pretty good hit. The two ogres were slain but the Imp had escaped. Padraig cut the tongues out of the ogres for the bounty and searched them for treasure. 18 GP and 60 SP were recovered along with the 2 ogre tongues.

The group made camp in the ruined tower with plans of tracking the ogres back to their lair in the morning. Each character earned 275 experience points bringing the total to 463 each and 2nd level!

Treasure and XP Recap

After the battle with Nasty Canasta and the bandits each party member receives a reward of 188 experience points. The party collected the following treasure and items from the bandit camp.

52 sp, 156 cp, a small chest with 200 cp, 70 sp, and 20 gp.

They also recovered a +1 Magic Scimitar (Elven) with the Beacon minor property, 4 Riding Horses, 12 Scimitars, 12 Light Crossbows and 72 crossbow bolts. Stem is holding onto the Magic Scimitar and Enoch took one light crossbow and 20 bolts.

Coins split four ways: 5 gp, 30 sp, and 94 cp


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