Fortune Hunters

Welcome to Rasthaven
The Capture of Nasty Canasta

After a long sea voyage and many miles of overland travel, the party has finally arrived in the small outpost town of Rasthaven. There they met the local townsfolk. They stayed at the inn and tavern in town and spoke with those who had ventured into the wilds nearby. It was learned that the community had a treaty with the local giants which should keep the peace with them. The party is to avoid all contact with the giants in order to avoid any damage being done to the agreement.


It was also learned that ogres are problem in the surrounding area. There is a bounty on ogres. Each ogre tongue will be paid for in Rasthaven. A thief was hanging dead in a tree in town. It was learned that he tried to rob the trading post and was put to death. It was also learned later that he was affiliated with a band of bandits led by Nasty Canasta.

Padraig MacTaggart led the discussions with the townsfolk explaining that he was a descendant of the barbarian tribe that battled the goblins so long ago. Padraig revealed that he was seeking the goblin caves and some property that belonged to his family. The townsfolk took the opportunity to ask the Padraig and his associates if they could do a little mine prospecting for them. Rumors have long been spread that the goblin caves have valuable ore that could be mined. So Padraig MacTaggart, Brother Eravin, and Enoch signed an agreement to be compensated for bring back some ore samples.

During most of the interaction with the townsfolk, Stem remained hidden in the shadows. He snuck around and listened in but was not known to be present by any of the townsfolk.

The party set out in search of the goblin caves. at a river crossing with a bridge, a small group of 6 bandits attacked. Four with swords lept out on the closer side of the bridge and 2 others fired crossbows from the far bank. The bandits were quickly put down and one of them were captured. Stem recognized two of the bandits. They were both hanging around in the tavern in Rasthaven . They left town before the party did and likely set up the ambush.

Padraig MacTaggart with help from his ranger friend Enoch tracked the bandits back to their hideout. There they found Nasty Canasta, their leader, and 8 other bandits. The group attacked with surprise but it was a difficult battle. Nasty Canasta was wielding a magical scimitar and could put it to great effect. Stem fired arrows from the shadows, Padraig MacTaggart swung his huge Long-Axe, Brother Eravin wielded the power of Toth, and Enoch attacked wit his Great Axe. During the battle both Enoch and Brother Eravin were knocked down and were bleeding to death. Padraig was also severely wounded but kept to his feet, sustained by his barbarian rage.

In the end all the bandits were slain save Nasty Canasta himself who was knocked unconscious and put in manacles. A long rest was taken to heal everyone. The party found 4 horses and much treasure.


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