Heartseeker - The Grim Piercer

Javelin +2

Creator: Human – tied to a great human hero of legend
Detail from History: Bane – created by the foes of the goblins – still recognized by them today
Quirk: Confident – The item helps its bearer feel self-assured


This sleek and incredibly sharp Javelin was made long ago by the human barbarians of the North. It is a masterwork crafted weapon enchanted by the tribal shamans and druids of the old order. It was made for Juba Chulain, barbarian prince of the goblin wars. Juba was a mighty hero and remains a chief character in many of the stories told in the barbarian tribes about the goblin wars. Juba’s use of heartseeker was so prolific and deadly that word spread quickly through the goblin tribes and the rumors of this mighty weapon grew. All the goblins learned to recognize and fear the deadly javelin. Juba was always bold and confident, never backing down from a challenge. He seemed spurred on by something and this was eventually his undoing. Juba was the only barbarian prince not to survive the goblin wars. He was always the first into the battle and in the last battle in the halls of the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan he hurled Heartseeker for the last time before he was overrun by a horde of goblin swordsman.

In the present day, the Fortune Hunters defeated a small clan of 5 ogres in the wilds north of Rasthaven. In the lair of the ogres they found a fire pit with a gleaming piece of metal being used as a hot poker to tend the fire. This poker upon closer examination was recognized as the mighty Heartseeker. The javelin was claimed by Padraig MacTaggart.

Heartseeker - The Grim Piercer

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