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Rasthhaven Backstory

Rasthhaven was founded by a group of retired soldiers consisting of the following founding members: Fred and Charley, Zenus Longfeather, William Silversmith and a Dwarf known as Grignut. A little over a decade ago Fred and Charley traveled from the south to the continent of Bakkar. Traveling up the eastern part of the land, they eventually found the lost Rasthhaven valley.

A little over one-hundred years ago the small eastern portion of Bakkar was inhabited by Goblins. The goblins had plagued the Barbarians to the west and the king assembled his three sons, sending them off to wage war against the Goblin tribes

The three princes assembled a massive army and drove the Goblins north, invading every small warren across the land that is now know as Belmont. The last stronghold of Goblins was the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan and after three years of war they made their last stand in the Rasthhaven valley. After a terrible battle, the Barbarian hoard chased them up to almost the top the Great Whiteface Mountain, into the caverns of the Skullcrusher Goblins and the home of their King. Two of three princes emerged victorious and in the end they exterminated all of the Goblins from the great northern continent.

In the wake of the Barbarian retreat the land was left vacant, isolated by a mountain range from the vast plains of the west. In time settlers from the south traveled across the great Northern Ocean and settle the land. Belmont was established on the southern coast, a large city with ties to one of the Barbarian Princes. In the last 50 years small village have sprouted up around Bellmont and the Wayside outpost was formed.

The entire region has been free of unnatural monstrosities for decades except for the occasional Ogre and Giants to the far north. With the aid of their friends,Fred and Charley purchased the deed of the land from the King of Bellmont and in the last ten years have formed a small agricultural community in the sheltered Rasthhaven valley.


Enter the Treasure Hunters

Enoch and his wild boar Comet, Padraig MacTaggart, Stem and Brother Eravin.

With treasure map in hand from his father, Laird Tavish MacTaggart, young Padraig MacTaggart and his friends booked passage on a large sailing vessel and left their homes in search of adventure in the mountains north of the Rasthhaven valley.Padraig’s father was from Bakkar and set out on a life of adventure, eventually settling far from his native land in the far south. On his death bed he gave his only son a map, detailing lost treasure in the old mines of the Skullcrusher Goblin Clan. Legend has it that Padraig’s great grandfather served under one of the Barbarian princes and was one of the only people to be told of the lost treasure with the exception of the Barbarian princes. During the war it was discovered that the Goblin King was in possession of two magic rings, one was taken by a Barbarian prince and the other was lost in the mines, sealed by magic forever.

The four adventurers are on a quest to open the old Goblin mines in search of a lost magic ring. Will they find their fortune or death in the dark depths of the northern mountains?

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