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Fortune and Glory Awaits

In the long ago past, a goblin empire stretched across much of the north. A barbarian horde led by the MacTaggart clan cleansed the north of the goblin scourge, pushing them all the way back to their warren of goblin caves. The barbarians used magic to seal the entrance to the goblin caves and end their presence in the north. A powerful magical ring belonging to the MacTaggart Clan was lost during the battle and thought to be sealed in the goblin caves.

Many years later Padraig MacTaggart, son of the current Laird of the MacTaggart Clan has returned to his ancient homeland. He has gathered together a group of fellow adventurers to help him find the goblin caves and get his family heirloom back. Enoch is a dwarven ranger who knows the lands well. He and his loyal wild boar Comet are acting as guides. Stem is an elven rogue who seeks answers to certain hidden truths. He would like to see the ancient goblin caves and what secrets they hide. Brother Eravin is a cleric of Toth. He has answered the calling of his deity who has bid him to learn what knowledge he can from the ancient goblin caves.

Together the group has traveled to the small outpost town of Rasthaven. From there they have set out to find and explore the ancient goblin caves.


Main Page

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