Fortune Hunters

The Meeting
Escape from the Ogre Warrens

After freeing Enoch from the cage in the ogre warrens Padraig MacTaggart heard a tiny little voice cry out, ‘Heh there big fella, don’t forget about me. Please let me out too. I want to get out of this place!’ Padraig looked in one of the other cages to find the tiny form of a wee halfling. ‘Who are you?’ asked Padraig. ‘My name is Billy Blaze,’ said the halfling. ‘Please let me out of here!’


Padraig opened the cage and let Billy Blaze out. He and Enoch found their gear and suited up. Billie meanwhile explained that he had come here with another group of adventurers about a year ago to steal from the ogres but got caught. They ate all the others but Billy managed to trick the ogres into keeping him alive and not eat him. This went on for some time until 3 months ago someone new showed up in the ogre warrens. A big blue ogre with a shock of white hair had arrived. His name was Golkabob. Billie explained that Golkabob was really smart way smarter than the other ogres. He took charge immediately. And overnight it seemed as though the ogres were better organized and ferocious under his command. Billie was scared because Golkabob was too smart to trick and fool like the others. But Billie did find a weakness. Golkabob liked music and forced Billie Blaze to play a golden harp for him every night. As a bard Billie had no trouble and bided his time hoping for a chance to escape. It seemed that chance had finally arrived in the form of the fortune hunters. Billie also mentioned that there had been all sorts of talk about a big meeting today between Golkabob and special guest.


Brother Eravin‘s silence spell expired and the time to sneak out the way they had come in was upon the fortune hunters. Padraig MacTaggart led the way. But as he sneaked up he heard the ogres yelling ’he’s here, he’s here!’ and running off away from the party.

Delphinian and Eravim were relieved and though it an excellent opportunity to escape. There were at least 4 more ogres and probably many more at large in the warrens and the party was wounded and without many resources. But Padraig MacTaggart could not resist. He snuck closer and closer to try and see and hear what was going on. Padraig snuck up on a big meeting of the ogres and saw Golkabob himself. He was an ogre with blue skin and a shock of wild white hair. The Oni himself did not spot Padraig but it seems that a necklace Golkabob was wearing had an eye encased in amber. The eye moved and seemed to spot Padraig. Padraig overheard this conversation between Golkabob and a hill giant named Gordon:

‘I am Golkabob and my masters have summed you as your people have something in their possession that we greatly desire. They have foreseen an awakening of ancient magic and have facilitated a movement across the land of artifacts of old. There is a gold ring in your King’s possessions with old Elf writing on it and a bright blue stone. Take this as a gift. Return to your King and I promise another coffer just like this one if you bring me the ring.’

He opens the coffer in front of the giants face and a bright white gleam bounces off and onto his face like in the movies, then he closes it, offering it to the giant with an outstretched hand and a slightly evil smile.

‘With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?’

‘I am Gordon and I accept your offer Golkabob. This one and at least four others must come with me. We will return in one cycle of the moon to this very place.’ The one Ogre growls and orders the three standing there to gear up. ‘You three get ready to leave immediately.’


At the conclusion of the meeting it was clear that the ogres were coming back inside. Padraig ran as fast as he could sprinting past the other fortune hunters and leading them out of the ogre warrens the way they came in. Enoch took the lead at that point, leading the party deep into the forest and away from the warrens as fast as possible. Things were looking good an hour into the journey when a loud howling gave away the wolves that pursued them.

Shortly thereafter the wolves were upon them biting and ripping with sharp gnashing teeth. A quick battle ensured with Padraig hewing the beasts with wide arcing swings of his long axe. Enoch used his battle axe to chop the wolves. Eravim and Delphinian blasted away with their magic. Soon the forest floor was littered with the bodies of dead wolves and the group hastened onward.

Enoch led them to a small cave where the fortune hunters first encountered ogres. The party was exhausted and could run no further. They would have to make a stand here. They managed an hour long short rest before their hunters found them. A large group of wolves flooded into the ogre cave. Delphinian’s mummified hand was waiting just inside the cave on the ceiling. It signaled Delphinian when the attackers came. Padraig MacTaggart and Enoch stood side by side in a narrow section of tunnel that funneled the wolves such that they could not get around the tough warriors. Padraig called on the power of his ancient ring and released a howling maelstrom of an gust of wind. It slowed the wolves advance and knocked them back. Padraig and Enoch hewed at the beasts with their axes while the rest of the party reigned magic down upon them.

As the wolves were buffeted by the magical winds and hewed down, a large group of ogres came in behind and began to fill the ranks. The narrow tunnel terrain advantage bottled up the ogres so only 1 could attack at a time. The Fortune Hunters were thankful they were not forced to face the creatures out in the open.

Brother Eravim used his command spell to force the lead ogre to undress. This action provoked an attack of opportunity from both Padraig and Enoch and earned Tim an inspiration point.

One of the ogres were slain but many more are pressing forward…

Stem in the Big City
Belmont Solo Adventure

After negotiating for a portion of the parties treasure (100 gp, 10-10 gp diamonds and a 50 gp gold ring) Stem watched his friends head north to the old bridge in search of the Ogre den. Being uncomfortable following a pig in the wilderness, Stem decided to ride with Miles Hammish and the Barbarian brothers Rolf and Erik to the largest city on the continent, Belmont. The wagon was packed to the gills with milled lumber, furs, several crates of colorful yarn and dried herbs.


The ride up and out of the Rasthhaven valley was uneventful until Stem spotted some figures up ahead on either side in the woods. He shouted to Miles who quickly cracked the reigns on the horse and shouted: “Hold on boys and get out your crossbows, it’s going to get rough.” Arrows and bolts were exchanged with one of the brothers getting hit in the shoulder. Stem spotted a figure on the edge of the woods barking order and proceeded to strike him three times, dropping him to the ground as the wagon sped away after trampling several of the Bandits.

By the end of the day the wagon passed the Wayside outpost and camped off the road for the night. Miles talked about their intentions to trade the goods in the wagon for gain as the new mill will be completed by fall. He asked about Stem’s business which he avoided talking about. But his goal was to visit the library in search of information about the Drow and the Magic Ring on Padraig’s finger that they found in the Goblin mines. But his interest went deeper than that as his search for knowledge and the philosophical concept of magic and the mundane was ever on his mind.

Two more nights and almost three days of travel south through rolling countryside went uneventful as they approached the coast and the Capital City of Belmont. Miles lectured Stem as they approached about their visit. They would be staying at Warehouse #7 on the docks as they have a stall there. The library is up on the hill and he pointed to the large outer wall and gate house. From there we will head to the docks, but you want to go up the hill. Pointing to a winding road meandering through the city to a second fortified wall. Inside is the library (which they could see) several temples and the King’s Castle. Make sure you go through the gate and get papers signed. If you are caught without them you may spend the rest of your life in the dungeon. Tell them you are with me and from Rasthhaven and you should not have a problem. Whatever you do, get out of the inner city before dark and make sure you are at the warehouse before the curfew of 9 bells. You can join us for dinner at Popeye’s Tavern near the warehouse if you like. We leave an hour after dawn whether you are with us or not as I have a schedule to keep.


After visiting the large warehouse Stem made his way up the hill. On his way he passed Alkadron’s Potions and decided to stop in to see what the shop had to offer. Once inside he was in a small entry way with a desk blocking entrance into a cluttered alchemical lab. It looked like every alchemical item and material components could be obtained here. Stem saw a cat on the spiral staircase (going up) to his right and a large dog snoozing right behind the desk. In addition to a forge a bearded man in his 40’s was on a stool dropping liquid into an alchemical contraption distilling the vapors into a blue-green liquid. Without taking his eye of the hourglass and his task he asked sternly what he could do for Stem. After some small talk and a scan of the room he took his leave and headed up the hill.

He went through the gate without incident and made his way to the library. It is a huge building with a gate and garden out front with massive stained glass windows on all four side of the building. Inside was a large open space with a glass ceiling, lighting it nicely. On either side a spiral staircase went up to three levels of rooms with balconies looking into the space below. In front of him was two sets of card-catalogs and a large desk with a single library. Behind him was 30 smaller desk stacked with books, paper and ink. At the moment six old men were busy at their work writing and copying books. Stem inquired at the desk and paid the 1 gp fee to conduct his research. After 20-30 minutes he found some information and went upstairs to the stacks. There were other patrons using the library but Stem stuck to his task finding a lot of information about the Drow people that once used to war with the Barbarians to the west and were allied with the Goblins to the east. At some point close to 200 years ago a civil war erupted between a group of Drow Monks following the Path of the Five Elements. In 353 ED (170 years ago) a massive earthquake rocked the continent and after that event, the Drow mysteriously vanished form the land. With the Drow gone the Goblins fell easily to the campaign of the Barbarians and were also eradicated for the continent.

Heading up to the fourth floor Stem hit paydirt. He found a large volume about artifacts from the Goblin war and there was an entire chapter about Paidraig’s magic ring. It is one of five rings in a set, the Ring’s of the Five Elements. There is a Ring of Water, Ring of Air, Ring of Space, Ring of Earth and Ring of Fire. In addition to each having a power there are additional benefits if more than one ring is attuned to one person and also, if attuned as a group with different people each wearing on of the rings. The rings were all lost in the underdark except the one taken out by a Barbarian prince after the Goblin Wars. Stem remember that Miles had said a prince was killed two weeks ago and only a ring was taken, one that was from the mines and resembled the one in Padraig’s possession.


As he poured over the book he heard singing and a little blonde girl in a white dress skipped by his stall and stopped. “Hello” she said, “what is you name?” To which Stem replied with the alias he had been using Renwick Caradoon and he had also cast Disguise Self making him look to be a human instead of an elf. The girl walked around the table introducing herself as Abigail and stating that she was here with Daddy, who was looking at some stuffy books. “What is that you are reading?” she inquired. Stem slipped a different book to the top and showed her. At the point he got woozy and realized that someone had tried to cast sleep on him, but his Elf blood prevented the enchantment from putting him to rest. He was sly and feigned sleep, resting his head on his arms. As he watched the girl pull the book about the rings away from the desk he heard two other people enter the room and snuck a peak, spying two other little girls in expensive dresses like the first that while not the same all looked similar. “Who is this.” Stem Heard, …“and why was he looking at the book.” “It does not matter as we have set this movement of artifacts in motion, let us leave” With that all three girls shimmered and became Ethereal, walking through the wall with the book and out the building. Stem raced downstairs and tried to follow but they were gone. He went back into the library and summoned his Imp familiar Leaf. With his help they conducted some additional research and surmised that the three girls may have actually been a Coven of evil Hags. He shuddered at the thought, put all of his books back and made his way back down the hill.


Making his way down the hill it was dark when he passed Alkadron’s Potion shop. Sneaking into a shadowy alley he expertly broke into a window and examined the alchemical contraptions on the table that Alkadron had been working on earlier. The dog was asleep and the cat was no-where to be seen when Stem found a ledger. The potion he was making was for a client, one of three Potions of Waterbreathing. He also noticed that Miles had purchased three scrolls of Knock and one of Dispel magic. With that he found two locked cases that seemed to be filled with potions and scrolls. Sneaking near the sleeping dog he bypassed an alarm trap and opened the first case. He identified two potions of healing and the potion of Water Breathing that was created earlier. He grabbed on Potion of Healing and left behind 5-10 gp gems in his place. Putting everything back as it was he sneaked out of the building to be ambushed by four thugs. Stem tried to hide and almost succeeded when he tried to take one of the men out, but he was tough and Stem ran. He was hit by a crossbow when six city guards cam running, witnessing the mugging. They ordered him to go home and chased after the thugs.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and in the morning Miles let Stem go back to Alkadron’s where he asked to purchase a Potion of Healing, which he paid for. As Alkadron went into the cabinet he became angry at the missing potion and grabbed the five diamonds, glaring at Stem. Thank you for your services he said, if you are ever in need of an expert like myself, just contact Mr. Miles Hammish. And with that he left, leaving Alkadron with 100 gp and two Potions of healing in hand.

The group left and in fours days returned to the Rasthhaven valley.

Saving Enoch
Assault on the Ogre Warrens


On their way back to town after their trials on the underground river, the fortune hunters were surprised by Enoch’s wild boar Piggy. The animal was clearly distraught. Padraig MacTaggart cast a speak with animals spell and had a conversation with Piggy. He learned that Enoch had been captured by Ogres and was in dire peril of being eaten. Piggy said he could lead the fortune hunters to where Enoch was being held. Everyone in the party decided to go and rescue Enoch except Stem. He wished to travel to a nearby library and research the secrets behind Padraig MacTaggart‘s magical ring. He left the party with everyone’s blessing and everyone else geared up to rescue Enoch.

Piggy led the group to a hilly area that had a vast network of warren like connected caves and tunnels. Finding a western approach that seemed less guarded, Padraig and the group snuck up. As the fortune hunters stealthily moved across the landscape, they avoided 6 ogres and 5 wolves. At the cave entrance they fought one ogre who was quickly reinforced by two more. After the 3 ogre guards were slain, Padraig cut out their tongues and put them in a special sack. The bounty on ogres in Rasthaven will pay good coin for them.


Padraig MacTaggart led a stealthy entrance to the cave system and explored much of it. He overheard some ogres talking. They mentioned someone special coming from the East. Someone named Kol Kabob. But it was difficult to make out any more details.

Padraig found 1 ogre sleeping by itself in the northern section of the caves. The fortune hunters stealthily set up a surprise ambush and got the jump on the sleeping creature. It was quietly dispatched. Padraig cut the tongue out of the creature and added it to his bounty sack. He searched and found a purse on the ogre with 12 cp and 12 sp. It also had a sack in its area with 40 gp.

Padraig made an interesting discovery in an area of the tunnels where there was a small waterfall pouring down. It seemed the ogres used this area to get their water but there was a small human sized space in the rock above the waterfall that was too small for an ogre to fit through. Padraig climbed up the slippery rock and found a small cave above the room that was large enough to fit 6 or so people lying down. Padraig thought it could possibly be used to hide from the ogres and keep everyone safe, if the fortune hunters had to rest.

The group kept stealthily exploring the caves, managing to avoid some ogres and finding a group of three ogres resting in the tunnels to the south. Brother Eravin wisely cast a silence spell to seal this section of the caves off from the others and prevent the sound of battle from alerting the other ogres. Padraig then hurled Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer into the chest of one of the ogres and a hard fought battle erupted.


The battle with the three ogres took its toll but eventually they were dispatched without any reinforcements (thanks to the silence spell). Padraig cut out the ogre tongues and added them to his bounty bag. Delphinian searched the ogre nests and found a ceramic pot filled with 100 silver coins. There were also 2 large burlap sacks tucked away in a corner that held 100 sp each. The corner of another nest held a stoppered keg that contained 90 GP, 3 gems, 1 gem with a light inside of it, and a potion of some sort. The flask of the potion bottle was sealed with wax and had some markings engraved on the wax. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.


Most importantly there was a cell under the floor shut with iron bars that held a naked fattened dwarf. After opening the cell door we found it was indeed Enoch. Luckily his gear was not far away in a large crate. Enoch thanked the fortune hunters profusely and there was a happy reunion between him and Piggy. He got geared back up and everyone was ready to attack the remaining ogres and then perhaps rest in the cave above the waterfall depending on how the battle went.

XP Recap Hall of the Goblin King and the Hill Giant's Cabin

All of this treasure added to the Master Party Treasure List

Hall of the Goblin King XP: 2,200
Drow River XP 1350

XP Total: 2570/4=643 each

Individual XP Total: 3473 (5th level 6,500)

Treasure from the Hall of the Goblin King.

+1 Magic Adamantine Chain Shirt
Silvered Mace
Ceramic pot with 20 sp
Mummified Elf Hand on a Hemp Necklace 10 gp value
Gold ring woth 10 gp
12 gp
12-10 gp diamonds
Scroll tube with a Scroll of See Invisibility

Treasure from the Hill Giant Cabin

200 gp
300 sp
+1 Wand of the War Mage

The Carrion Crawler Tunnels
Finding The Shithole


The Fortune Hunters sailed their glowing purple spider web boat down the underground river away from the halls of the goblin king and towards the unknown. The wound through a seemingly endless tunnel for hours until finally the began to hear the roar of a waterfall. Stem and Padraig tried desperately to slowly or stop the boat but it went right over a waterfall.

Luckily the boat landed on the bottom of a 20 foot drop without capsizing and no one fell out. Stem spied a rope on the side of the passageway and Brother Eravim steered the boat towards it. Padraig reached out one of his long arms and grasped hold of the rope. He pulled the boat to the side of the tunnel and tied it off. Stem spied a walkway hidden in the side of the rock. It was a staircase leading up to a tunnel leading off from the main passageway.

Stem sent Leaf – The Imp Familiar flying invisibly up to explore the area. He found the tunnel led to a cave with a large carrion crawler. The Crawler seemed to smell the imp and burst into motion. Luckily Leaf made it out of the cave and alerted the fortune hunters to the crawler as it burst out of the cave. Padraig was first to act hurling a spear into the side of the giant crawler and leaping out of the boat onto the hidden staircase.

Stem fired arrows at the creature and Delphinian hit it with fire magic. Squirming in pain the creature surged forward toward a waiting Padraig who swung his long axe in a wide arc. The head of the axe sunk deep into the creature sending a shower of gore across the wall of the cave. All at once the creature went still and fell into the water carried away down stream.

Padraig plucked his spear out of the floating corpse and moved up the stairs towards the cave from whence the crawler came. The other fortune hunters followed and searched the room. Save for a few bones the room was largely empty but another small tunnel left the cave. It was small enough that Padraig would have to crawl through it on his hands and knees. Thinking the tunnel too dangerous to explore, the party left the cave to return to their boat. They found the rope to which is was lashed empty and dangling in the current of the river. The magical boat had vanished!

Seeing no other choice but to press on in exploring the small tunnel, Stem sent Leaf further up to explore. It went a long ways seemingly in an upward direction. Finally it ended it a cave with a large pool of water. The Imp could barely see the forms of two carrion crawlers under the surface of the water lying in wait. There was another narrow tunnel leaving the cave and continuing to head towards the surface.

Undaunted Padraig pressed on squirming his way through the tight tunnel towards the water pool filled cave. The last bit he snuck carefully up slipping into the cave behind Stem before the Crawlers detected the group. A battle ensued between the fortune hunters and the two carrion crawlers. Padraig flew into a rage and began smashing the creatures with his axe. Stem fired arrows and tried to maneuver to a place to get out of harms way but found it difficult. Brother Eravim released some holy magic and Delphinian could not really get close enough to help out due to the extremely close quarters.

The Crawlers were defeated and again there was not anything of value. But Padraig found some writing in Goblin on the wall of the cave. There was an arrow pointing up the passageway leading out of the cave and was labeled, “This way to the shithole.” So the group sighed but continued to work their way up the tunnels seeing no other choice.

After what seemed like an eternity of narrow passageways that Padraig could barely fit though, they finally arrived at a large cave filled with fecal matter and an over-sized wooden shit hole in the ceiling. Stem sent Leaf up to explore. The Imp flew through the hole in the ceiling and found himself in the home of a hill giant. Two hill giants in fact were in the house and arguing over cooking dinner. Leaf also could see that this house was amongst many hill giant homes up in the sword mountains. The Fortune Hunters did not want to engage or rile up the giants in order to respect the treaty the founders of Rasthaven made with the giants to leave each other alone.

Eventually the two giants left the house in search of something and the party made its move. They all climbed out of the shithole and made their way out of the house. But they could not resist grabbing a few things as they left the giant home. They grabbed a sack containing 500 SP and 300 GP. They also found what turned out to be a wand of the warmage +1.

Counting their blessings to be out of the underdark and not having any entanglements with the giants, the fortune hunters made their way back down to Rasthaven. There they met with the founders and told them of their trials and adventures in the halls of the goblin king. They were introduced to a dwarven miner by the name of Bolton Heavymetall. Bolton was very interested in the ore samples obtained by the party. He was very pleased with the samples and was keen to begin a mining operation. The party sketched a map to illustrate the location of the ore samples and also to warm of the remaining ghost of the goblin king and the flaming skull and the kuo toans. Each party member was rewarded with 50 GP credit at Zenus Longfeather’s store.

Padraig used 75 GP of credit the party had previously combined with 25 GP worth of his credit to purchase 2 scrolls of knock in order once again gain entry into the goblin caves should they wish to return. After showing off his new magical ring, Padraig heard a troubling rumor that the barbarian king who wore one of the the sister rings had been slain in his sleep and the ring had been stolen. Could the thief be trying to collect all the rings perhaps?

Even more troubling was that Piggy, Enoch’s trained wild boar ran wildly into town. Padraig MacTaggart used his speak with animals ability to speak with the creature. After calming it down he learned that Enoch had been captured by ogres. Padraig rallied the fortune hunters. They had to move quickly to save their friend…

Ghost of The Goblin King
What Lies Beyond The Iron Doors?


The huge double doors swung open and Padraig MacTaggart strode confidently into a huge room that was once the great hall of the Goblin King. Now it was but a ruin. It was littered with broken wooden structures. The once mighty constructions of the goblin folk had been torn down and destroyed by the invading barbarian host long ago. The vast room now lay empty and quiet. But as Padraig gazed about the area green motes of light began to coalesce and form shapes. A translucent apparition of The Goblin King and a host of his goblin warriors took form. The Goblin King screamed. He pointed a finger at Padraig and blamed him and his people for the ruin of his mighty kingdom.

Padraig laughed and held up the magical ring that he now wore on his finger. The power of the ring added volume to his voice. His reply echoed throughout the chamber for all to hear. “That is right Goblin King. I Padraig MacTaggart have returned to the site of the mighty battle of my fathers fathers. I have found the magic ring in the tomb below and with your defeat will finish what began so long ago. I will bring honor to The Clan MacTaggart. Now feel the power of the Ring of Air!”

With that Padraig invoked the power of ring to create a powerful gust of wind 10 feet wide and 60 feet long right at The Goblin King. It pushed him and some of his ghostly goblin warriors back away from Padraig. And it slowed them down when they were trying to get closer to him. Padraig backed up to stand in the frame of the huge double doors so that the goblins trying to close to melee would be funneled into the full force of the magic ring’s gust of wind.

Some of the ghostly goblin warriors managed to fight their way through the powerful winds only to be hewn into nothingness by a mighty swing of Padraig’s Long axe. Stem got off a great shot that sunk deep into the Goblin King. However, the ethereal nature of the ghost resisted the full damage from the earthly arrows. Brother Eravin cast a spiritual hammer spell that conjured a magical hammer of pure force that pounded into the ghostly goblin king. Delphinian used his firebolt magic to blast a goblin warrior into nothingness.

The ghost of the goblin king struggled through the gale force winds to get closer and then in a fit of anger unleashed his horrific visage gaze attack. Padraig and Stem both looked into the eyes of the ghost and came face to face with their most terrible fears. Buoyed by his rage, Padraig made his save and resisted the horrific visage. He faced down the goblin king unmoved by the intense fear and panic incited by the gaze. But Stem was not so lucky. His keen elven eyes looked deeply into the darkness of the goblin king’s lifeless orbs. He saw what should not be seen. Such terror he witnessed that he aged 60 years and ran away from the battle in terror.

To make matters worse two piercers fell from the ceiling. Delphinian managed to dance out of the way of one but the other hit its mark and sank deep into the shoulder of Brother Eravin.

With Stem fleeing the battle, The Goblin King pressed his advantage. He phased through the floor to escape the ferocious winds and popped up right in front of Padraig. The ghost then unleashed another blast of necrotic energy. Padraig was hurt but Brother Eravin was hurt even worse.

Knowing that the ghost was resistant to his long axe, Padraig drew forth Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer, his enchanted javelin. But instead of hurling it he held onto the javelin and thrust it into the goblin king. The ghost howled in pain as the enchanted spear bit deep into its ghostly flesh. Padraig redirected the gale force winds from his magic ring to push the goblin king back and create some space.

Delphinian dealt with the piercers and Brother Eravim cast healing magic upon himself and Padraig. The Goblin King used his phasing trick one more time to close the distance and this time came right up inside of Padraig. With a failed save, Padraig was possessed by the ghost. Padraig turned to face his friends and they all saw the ghostly black of his eyes. Padraig pulled his arm back and let Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer fly and it buried deep into the chest of Brother Eravin. Clutching his chest, Brother Eravin, fell to one knee blood pouring down his chainmail armor (having 1 hit point remaining).

With Padraig possessed by the ghost of the goblin king, things looked bleak indeed as the huge barbarian readied his long axe to begin hewing his friends. But before he could finish Brother Eravin, the priest of Toth somehow managed to stand with his blood pooling around him. He held his holy symbol forth in front of him and said, “In the name of Toth begone foul spirit of the goblin king! Flee before the power of Toth!”

A bright radiance shown from the holy symbol engulfing Padraig. The ghost could not resist the power of Toth. He left Padraig’s body and moved away from Brother Eravin’s turn undead magic. Eravin then closed his fist and the spiritual hammer smashed once more into Goblin King’s now exposed ghostly flesh.

Shaking his head in disbelief at what he had done, Padraig turned and charged the goblin king bring his long axe down hard onto the ghost. Despite the resistance to earthly weapons, the axe and blunt end both hurt the ghost badly. Having had enough of the ghost, Delphinian unleashed a scorching ray that finally brought down the goblin king.

With all their foes defeated, Padraig turned off the wind from the ring and rushed to Brother Eravim’s side. He carefully pulled out the enchanted javelin and bound Eravim’s wounds. Stem shook off the lingering fear of the ghost but marveled that the 60 year aging effect was permanent. He reflected that as an elf it was not as serious an effect as it would have been for the humans. Padraig would have been rendered an 80 year old man and his strength would certainly have been diminished.

A quick search of the area found some treasure and a passageway leading to a large set of iron doors. Needing to rest badly, the fortune hunters set up next to the iron doors and waited. Leaf – The Imp Familiar invisibly watched the Goblin King’s hall and saw after an hour the ghost reformed moved to the large double doors and slammed them shut. He then disappeared.

After a long 8 hour rest, the group examined the large metal doors. Stem explained that they were magically sealed. Padraig still had a scroll with a knock spell that should open the doors, but they had been saving that to get out through the large stone boulder that sealed the entire complex. Everyone agreed that they wanted to press on so the knock scroll was used and the mighty iron doors opened. a short passageway led down some stairs to an underground river.

A few statues stood about the area. At first everyone thought they were elves but upon closer inspection, it turned out the statues were of dark elves. The stories of Padraig’s magical ring spoke of the the ring being forged and enchanted by dark elves. An inscription in the elven language on the rock wall across the river read:

Give an offering to the Queen of Spiders and she will take you home.

After puzzling over the inscription for a bit, Stem gathered a bit of some sticky spider webs from a corner of the cave. He then moved to the edge of the underground river and sprinkled the spider webs onto the water. Motes of purple light began to glow on the water where the webs had touched it. The motes of light floated to the ceiling and began to coalesce into the form of translucent purple spiders. The spiders lowered themselves on glowing purple threads to the surface of the water where they wove themselves together to form an eerie purple glowing boat.

Padraig reached down and touched the boat. It was clearly made of magic but it felt solid enough. He confidently strode aboard the boat. It seemed quite seaworthy and easily held his weight. He motioned for the others to follow. One by one they came aboard and the boat. When all were aboard, the boat began to slowly float down the river illuminating the cave tunnel with eerie purple light…

Unnearthing The Magical Ring
The Tomb of The Goblin King

After resting and healing their considerable wounds facing the Spectator, The Fortune Hunters began further exploration of the western caverns. They found 4 different interesting veins of ore from which they gathered samples. A vein of pink crystal, a purple garnet vein, a pure silver vein, and an electrum vein should be very interesting to the founders of Rasthaven.


Working their way carefully down the steep tunnels, the party found an old dusty tomb. There were several broken and smashed sarcophagi but one was intact. It seemed as though the barbarians of the goblin wars had ransacked all but one of the sarcophagi of the tomb because it was locked with a complex puzzle lock. Delphinian studied the mechanical puzzle and and eventually was able to outwit its design and unlock it. Padraig then heaved the stone lid off of the sarcophagus and peered inside. There he came face to face with a disembodied incorporeal glowing green skull floating above a dessicated corpse of a huge old goblin. The skull cackled and floated out of the stone coffin blasting a scorching rays from its eye sockets. Everyone leaped into action attacking it as best they could until it sought cover behind the stone sarcophagus. With a huge shove Padraig squashed the glowing skull between the stone sarcophagus and the stone wall. It was finally laid low just before it was going to release a fireball spell. With great relief, Padraig searched the goblin corpse lying in the coffin. He found a silver headband, gold tooth, 2 bone scroll tubes (with scrolls of mirror image and minor illusion), a silver ring with a ruby adornment, and a golden ring with elven writing.

Reading the elven writing on the golden ring in addition to Brother Eravin’s identify spell revealed that the ring was originally crafted by a dark elf smith. It was one of a set of 5 elemental rings. The ring’s name translated form the elven as “The Ring of Air”. It must be worn on the right hand on the pointer finger in order to attune to it. Padraig followed the instructions and attuned himself to the ring. Wearing the ring, Padraig’s voice felt more powerful. The war leader function of the ring allowed his voice to carry over long distances and overpower the din of the battlefield. The main power of the ring, however, was that once per day it could cast the spell Gust of Wind.

Knowing that he had found the ancient ring of the Goblin King that was never found in the barbarian goblin wars of long ago, Padraig held it aloft and exclaimed to his ancestors. I have recovered the ring of my father’s fathers and brought great glory to The Clan MacTaggart.

After carefully climbing back up in the large room with the Spectator, suddenly the party was beset by a fully healed Green Glowing Skull. It must have reformed to attack The Fortune Hunters once more. Another terrible battle erupted but again the creature was put down. Delphinian had the excellent idea of putting the remains of the Glowing Skull back into the Stone Sarcophagus in the Goblin King Tomb below. The party carefully did so and sealed the stone coffin once more. The Glowing Skull did not return.

Moving back to the main cavern, the Fortune Hunters approached the huge double door that was the main hall of the Goblin King. They unlocked the huge padlocks and unchained the doors. Everyone stood back a bit fearfuk at what was on the other side of the door. Padraig held his new magical ring aloft and turned to them saying the following:

Padraig then threw open the doors and strode confidently into the room. The dust in the empty hall stirred as the ghostly forms of the huge Goblin King and many goblins rose up to see who was disturbing their rest.


Spectator XP Reward

After the encounter with the Piercers and the battle with the Spectator, the group earned 250 xp each. This brings everyone up to 2,830 experience points and 4th level!

The party decided to stay here for an extended rest, at the end of a tunnel where the Spectator had piled his treasure. You estimate well over 1500 copper and silver coins and in the pile of coins there is an old shield, a helmet and a small wooden box with a simple latch. After checking for traps Stem opens the box to find inside three potions. They are labeled and seem to have been made by the Western Barbarians a long time ago. Padraig reads the labels and thinks that one is a Potion of Healing, a Potion of Growth and a Potion of Water Breathing.

After a few minutes Stem notices something on the walls and stood up running his hand across the stone. ‘Padraig, hand me the little hammer and chisel that Zenus gave us.’ He starts to gentle tap away and a piece of rock come loose. On the other side of the rock are several good sized pink crystals. He smiles looking around and move towards the end of the tunnel chipping away. He turns to the group with a big smile and a piece of rock littered with good sized garnets of the most beautiful color. ‘I think the founders will be happy with these samples’ The pretty gems gleam in the torch light…

Padraig's Speech
Behold The Spectator

Drawn by Leaf’s report of a large chained door, the party worked their way through the northern tunnel. They indeed found the mighty wooden double doors chained and locked down tightly. Large Goblin runes were carved into the stone above the door. Padraig stepped forward and read the ancient words, ‘Hall of the Goblin King’. Painted across the chained door was writing in the ancient barbarian language of Padraig’s ancestors. He read these words aloud as well, ‘All entrance is forbidden by order of the king.’ More recent writing in green slime in an unknown language was at the base of the door. Casting a comprehend languages spell, Stem read the words seemingly written by the Kuo Toans, ‘Let the goblin king lie in peace.’

Padraig ran his hands over the smooth wood of the door. His bright blue eyes shown brilliantly in the light coming from his lit torch. They were gleaming as he stood up tall and began to speak. To everyone listening it sounded as if some ancient music of his father’s fathers was playing with his words. The party stood in awe as they heard the following:

A search of the ancient doors showed that the locks could be picked and the mighty doors could be opened. But everyone agreed that they wanted to secure the area before such a thing was attempted. The Kuo Toans and the spectator in the adjacent caves that Leaf had spotted troubled everyone. So they agreed to deal with those threats first and to return to these doors once the area was secured.

As everyone turned to leave the mighty doors, two piercers once again fell from the ceiling to attack. A battle broke out with the party carefully hacking them down and moving around them to leave the area.

A careful sneak down the winding tunnels to the pool room found no Kuo Toans about. They had all apparently slipped away down into the cool dark waters below. Padraig lit a torch and searched the room. All that remained in the room was a deep dark pool of water surrounded by a green slimy mucous like material around the edges of the stone. Above the water words were carved into the rock in the goblin tongue. They read ’Don’t pee in our water per order of The King.’ Padraig read it aloud and chuckled. Undeterred, Padraig picked up a large stone from the rocky floor and tied his hemp rope to it. Brother Eravin cast a light spell upon the rock and Padraig cast it into the pool. Holding onto the rope, he eased the light down into the murky waters, illuminating the inky depths. A few feet below the surface of the water etched into the wall were the goblin runes for ‘safe place’ with an arrow pointing down.

Padraig continued to lower his light, peering down into the dark waters. He saw some shapes moving around and then something grabbed hold of the rope and pulled very hard. But Padraig pulled back and won the tug of war pulling the rock light and rope free. He dangled it about some more seeing a very large cavern down below where the Kuo Toans were clearly swimming about. He could see them cutting at his rope, so Padraig hauled it back up to the surface. He then threw the rock in without the rope and watched it sink so deep that it went out of sight. Everyone shook their heads and agreed the deep watery cave was no place to explore. It was far too dangerous.

The party went back to the main cavern and decided to investigate the spectator in the other adjacent cave. The steep tunnel leading down to the cave was first negotiated by Stem holding onto a silk rope tied to a stalactite. He snuck down silently in darkness using his darkvision and hid amongst the broken wooden structures littering the cave floor making it difficult terrain. Next was Padraig holding a torch. He snuck down as silently as he could but the light of his torch made it impossible to hide. Brother Eravin and Delphinian came next but as they negotiated the way down the steep tunnel, the party heard a crazed voice call out, ’They have a nasty light. Why do they bring such nasty light down to our cave? Turns it off! Turns it off! You are going to spoil my birthday. You are going to ruin it. Go Away! ’


A black beam came out of the darkness to strike Padraig. The necrotic energy hurt badly causing Padraig to fly into a rage and move as quickly as he could towards the origin of the beam. He had trouble negotiating the difficult terrain of the floor and he was hit by another beam which confused him, causing him to stop moving and hurl his enchanted javelin Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer that he had at the ready at a random target. That random target unfortunately turned out to be Delphinian. The javelin sunk deep into his chest and he cried out in pain.

The creature cackled in the darkness staying out of the torchlight. Things looked grim with Padraig and Delphinian badly wounded. But then Brother Eravin stepped forward and bathed them both in the healing magic of Toth. Relieved and fully healed they both pressed on after the elusive creature. Meanwhile Stem had worked his way around the cavern guessing that the tunnels were connected and that he could come up behind it. He guessed wrong and was out of the battle for a long time as he had to work his way back as quickly as he could.

Surging forward Padraig ran through the tunnels trying to catch the creature in his torchlight. And finally he did. He caught sight of it and hurled a spear right into it s side. The creature howled in pain and moved away into the open cavern where Delphinian could see it. Delphinian hit it with a witchbolt. The crackling lightning would now continue to sear at the creature each round as long as Delphinian could keep his concentration on the spell.


Realizing the danger of the witchbolt, the Spectator hit Padraig with a confusion ray stopping him in his tracks and hit Delphinian with a death bolt bringing him down to -3 HP. Delphinian collapsed with blood pouring out of his ears and his witchbolt spell was spell was broken. Things were looking grim with Padraig confused and Delphinian down and bleeding to death. But then Stem finally got back in the fight nailing The Spectator with an arrow sneak attack. The arrow bit deep into the creature. Brother Eravin bathed the Spectator in the holy flame of Toth. And then Padraig hurled a spear at a random target in his confused state. Due to his position the only target he could see this time, however, was The Spectator. Padraig’s huge arm released the spear and it flew through the air finding its mark tearing through the fleshy central eye of the creature. Its lifeless corpse fell to the ground and rolled down the steep tunnel making a terrible squishing noise as it finally came to rest.

Brother Eravin used his healer’s pack to stop Delphinian’s bleeding and carried the sorcerer into a safe part of the tunnel where everyone holed up to rest. The party had been greatly tested and needed to renew its strength.

Rat Trap and XP


The killing spree and pit trap kept Padraig busy but the group earned only 167 xp each (670 total) bringing everyone up to 2,580 xp, still a little shy of 4th level.

XP Was added to the Master Party Treasure List.



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