Fortune Hunters

Saving Enoch

Assault on the Ogre Warrens


On their way back to town after their trials on the underground river, the fortune hunters were surprised by Enoch’s wild boar Piggy. The animal was clearly distraught. Padraig MacTaggart cast a speak with animals spell and had a conversation with Piggy. He learned that Enoch had been captured by Ogres and was in dire peril of being eaten. Piggy said he could lead the fortune hunters to where Enoch was being held. Everyone in the party decided to go and rescue Enoch except Stem. He wished to travel to a nearby library and research the secrets behind Padraig MacTaggart‘s magical ring. He left the party with everyone’s blessing and everyone else geared up to rescue Enoch.

Piggy led the group to a hilly area that had a vast network of warren like connected caves and tunnels. Finding a western approach that seemed less guarded, Padraig and the group snuck up. As the fortune hunters stealthily moved across the landscape, they avoided 6 ogres and 5 wolves. At the cave entrance they fought one ogre who was quickly reinforced by two more. After the 3 ogre guards were slain, Padraig cut out their tongues and put them in a special sack. The bounty on ogres in Rasthaven will pay good coin for them.


Padraig MacTaggart led a stealthy entrance to the cave system and explored much of it. He overheard some ogres talking. They mentioned someone special coming from the East. Someone named Kol Kabob. But it was difficult to make out any more details.

Padraig found 1 ogre sleeping by itself in the northern section of the caves. The fortune hunters stealthily set up a surprise ambush and got the jump on the sleeping creature. It was quietly dispatched. Padraig cut the tongue out of the creature and added it to his bounty sack. He searched and found a purse on the ogre with 12 cp and 12 sp. It also had a sack in its area with 40 gp.

Padraig made an interesting discovery in an area of the tunnels where there was a small waterfall pouring down. It seemed the ogres used this area to get their water but there was a small human sized space in the rock above the waterfall that was too small for an ogre to fit through. Padraig climbed up the slippery rock and found a small cave above the room that was large enough to fit 6 or so people lying down. Padraig thought it could possibly be used to hide from the ogres and keep everyone safe, if the fortune hunters had to rest.

The group kept stealthily exploring the caves, managing to avoid some ogres and finding a group of three ogres resting in the tunnels to the south. Brother Eravin wisely cast a silence spell to seal this section of the caves off from the others and prevent the sound of battle from alerting the other ogres. Padraig then hurled Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer into the chest of one of the ogres and a hard fought battle erupted.


The battle with the three ogres took its toll but eventually they were dispatched without any reinforcements (thanks to the silence spell). Padraig cut out the ogre tongues and added them to his bounty bag. Delphinian searched the ogre nests and found a ceramic pot filled with 100 silver coins. There were also 2 large burlap sacks tucked away in a corner that held 100 sp each. The corner of another nest held a stoppered keg that contained 90 GP, 3 gems, 1 gem with a light inside of it, and a potion of some sort. The flask of the potion bottle was sealed with wax and had some markings engraved on the wax. The Master Party Treasure List was updated.


Most importantly there was a cell under the floor shut with iron bars that held a naked fattened dwarf. After opening the cell door we found it was indeed Enoch. Luckily his gear was not far away in a large crate. Enoch thanked the fortune hunters profusely and there was a happy reunion between him and Piggy. He got geared back up and everyone was ready to attack the remaining ogres and then perhaps rest in the cave above the waterfall depending on how the battle went.



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