Fortune Hunters

The Ogre Lair

Comet's Fall

Padraig MacTaggart and Enoch moved the ogre bodies into the stairwell leading down into the crypt and closed the door to seal them off and not have them attract any predators in the evening. A fire was made inside the ruined tower at the bottom of the excavated area well out of site. A nice camp was made there with roasting meat and drink as discussions continued on what to do with the newly acquired magic box. It was clear that something alive or magical was inside the box. It kept trying to roll away by the movement of something inside it. It was difficult to carry due to the awkward movements. Stem tried his hand at picking the lock. Brother Eravin assisted the lockpicking by casting a spell which enabled him to choose a skill to be suddenly trained in. The efforts bore no fruit. The lock was too complicated. It was decided that on the morning, the party would track the ogres back to their lair and see if there were any more. Then the group would return to Rasthaven to try and acquire the key to the book from Fred and Charley.

The tracking went well with Enoch and Padraig MacTaggart making good use of their tracking skills. The ogres large feet were not difficult to follow. Justt then the largest wild boar anyone had ever seen came bursting out of the forest and running down toward everyone. Stem hit it with an arrow, Enoch hit it with a crossbow bolt, Brother Eravin cast a spell to make it burst into flame, and Padraig took a huge swing at it with his long axe and it dropped dead. As was his custom, Padraig removed the tusks of the wild boar planning to add them to his necklace of boar tusks at a later date. Enoch and Padraig felt it a shame to leave all the meat behind, but everyone was eager to find the ogre lair. So the party pressed on.

After a few hours of trekking through the wilderness, the party smelt campfire smoke and snuck up on a bluff with rocky cliffs and a small eathern rampart leading up to a small landing. A large fire was burning on the landing with two ogres sitting beside it. Two cave entrances were also visible by the fire in the side of the cliff.


The party fanned out and began sneaking up on the ogres. Stem made his way up above them and the rest were down below. Padraig and Comet made some noise and the ogres grew restless. One of them went into the cave and the other began looking intently around. Able to wait no longer the surprise attack was sprung. Padraig hurled a spear into the Ogre, Stem shot him with an arrow, and Enoch hit him with a bolt from his newly acquired crossbow. The Ogre screamed in pain and rushed forward to attack. Two more ogres came out of the cave onto the bluff. Padraig rushed forward and occupied the choke point on the ramp keeping the ogres bottled up on the cliff. But the Ogres had javelins that hurled to great effect. One lodged into Enoch’s thigh and the other skewered Comet pinning him to a tree.

The Ogres then tried to jump down off the cliffs to flank Padraig and Enoch. One of them fell off the cliff in a botched attempt to jump down and was hurt even further by Padraig’s Long Axe as he fell at Padraig’s feet. One of the Ogre’s closed to melee with Brother Eravin and smashed him down with his greatclub. Comet and Brother Eravin were down and bleeding to death. Enoch and Padraig were severely wounded and too far away to help their friends. Stem was unhurt but still very far away up on the ledge above the fray raining down arrows. There were still four ogres left and things were looking very grim.

Padraig MacTaggart then decided to make a key move – he cut down one of the ogres and looked at Brother Eravin and Comet both were bleeding out and needed help immeiately. He had to choose. He ran over to Brother Eravin’s side. Enoch used his healing magic to close some of his own wounds and fought on. Padraig ducked as an ogre followed him and swung his greatclub at him. Padraig then knelt and carefully administered his potion of healing to Brother Eravin. Immediately life returned to the cleric as the healing liquid coursed through his body. Eravin said a prayer to Toth and cast healing magic upon Padraig. Padraig smiled as the battle had turned back in their favor but that smile turned to a frown as he noticed comet was no longer breathing.

The battle raged on with Enoch using his hunter;s mark spell to do additional damage to his hated enemies and Padraig had several critical hits. Finally after the last ogre fell, Enoch rushed over to his faithful mastiff Comet. He carefully removed the javelin and held the dead dog tenderly in his thick arms. Padraig came out of his rage and looked upon the dwarf holding the lifeless dog and a tear streaked down his blue wode covered face.

Brother Eravin said a prayer as Enoch buried his faithful hound. Padraig comforted Enoch by saying that he hoped Comet would sit at the hearthfire of the great warriors of Clan MacTaggart and wait for his master to find him in the after life.

Still carrying the weight of the grief of their loss, the party searched the ogres finding some coin sacks. Padraig removed the tongues of the ogres and put them in a sack in order to claim the bounty on them in Rasthaven.

The party then entered the caves and searched the ogre den completely. The found much treasure in the form of coins, silver goblets, some golden rings, a bone scroll tube case with two wizard spells of Tenser’s Floating disk and Levitation. Finally they found a magical javelin called Heartseeker – The Grim Piercer that was clearly a relic of the goblin wars and made by Padraig’s ancestors the barbarians. Padraig claimed the javelin, Stem claimed the wizard scrolls, and the rest of the treasure was divided equally.



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