Billy Blaze

Halfling Bard rescued from the Ogre Warrens


Halfling Bard


Billy Blaze is an adventuring halfling. He was part of an adventuring party that tried to sneak into the ogre warrens to steal their treasure. They were discovered and captured about a year ago. The rest of the party was eaten but Billy Blaze managed to talk his way out of getting eaten by outwitting the dull headed ogres. About three months ago, however, a new chief appeared in the ogre warrens. It was Golkabob, an oni. This new leader was not swayed by Billy’s words, he was too intelligent for that. But he did seem to have a soft spot for music. He forced Billy to play a golden harp for him every evening.

Billy Blaze was rescued by The Fortune Hunters when they came to the ogre warrens in search of the captured Enoch. The fortune hunters gave Billy his freedom and he has been with the group as they flee from the ogres who are in hot pursuit.

Billy Blaze

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