Oni Leader of the Ogres


Oni – Ogre Magi
Wears a necklace with an eye in it.


When sneaking through the ogre warrens, Padraig overheard the ogres talking about someone special coming from the east. They mentioned the name Golkabob.

Later the fortune hunters freed a halfling bard by the name of Billie Blaze. Billie had been a prisoner in the Ogre Warren for almost a year. Billie said that three months ago an intelligent ogre (ogre-mage or oni) named Golkabob came to the ogre warrens and took over as chief. He now has the ogres highly organized. Golkabob made Billie play a golden harp for him as entertainment.

Padraig later snuck up on a big meeting of the ogres and saw Golkabob himself. He was an ogre with blue skin and a shock of wild white hair. The oni himself did not spot Padraig but it seems that a necklace Golkabob was wearing had an eye encased in amber. The eye moved and seemed to spot Padraig. Padraig overheard this conversation between Golkabob and a hill giant named Gordon:

‘I am Golkabob and my masters have summed you as your people have something in their possession that we greatly desire. They have foreseen an awakening of ancient magic and have facilitated a movement across the land of artifacts of old. There is a gold ring in your King’s possessions with old Elf writing on it and a bright blue stone. Take this as a gift. Return to your King and I promise another coffer just like this one if you bring me the ring.’

He opens the coffer in front of the giants face and a bright white gleam bounces off and onto his face like in the movies, then he closes it, offering it to the giant with an outstretched hand and a slightly evil smile.

‘With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?’

‘I am Gordon and I accept your offer Golkabob. This one and at least four others must come with me. We will return in one cycle of the moon to this very place.’ The one Ogre growls and orders the three standing there to gear up. ‘You three get ready to leave immediately.’


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