Fortune Hunters

The Meeting

Escape from the Ogre Warrens

After freeing Enoch from the cage in the ogre warrens Padraig MacTaggart heard a tiny little voice cry out, ‘Heh there big fella, don’t forget about me. Please let me out too. I want to get out of this place!’ Padraig looked in one of the other cages to find the tiny form of a wee halfling. ‘Who are you?’ asked Padraig. ‘My name is Billy Blaze,’ said the halfling. ‘Please let me out of here!’


Padraig opened the cage and let Billy Blaze out. He and Enoch found their gear and suited up. Billie meanwhile explained that he had come here with another group of adventurers about a year ago to steal from the ogres but got caught. They ate all the others but Billy managed to trick the ogres into keeping him alive and not eat him. This went on for some time until 3 months ago someone new showed up in the ogre warrens. A big blue ogre with a shock of white hair had arrived. His name was Golkabob. Billie explained that Golkabob was really smart way smarter than the other ogres. He took charge immediately. And overnight it seemed as though the ogres were better organized and ferocious under his command. Billie was scared because Golkabob was too smart to trick and fool like the others. But Billie did find a weakness. Golkabob liked music and forced Billie Blaze to play a golden harp for him every night. As a bard Billie had no trouble and bided his time hoping for a chance to escape. It seemed that chance had finally arrived in the form of the fortune hunters. Billie also mentioned that there had been all sorts of talk about a big meeting today between Golkabob and special guest.


Brother Eravin‘s silence spell expired and the time to sneak out the way they had come in was upon the fortune hunters. Padraig MacTaggart led the way. But as he sneaked up he heard the ogres yelling ’he’s here, he’s here!’ and running off away from the party.

Delphinian and Eravim were relieved and though it an excellent opportunity to escape. There were at least 4 more ogres and probably many more at large in the warrens and the party was wounded and without many resources. But Padraig MacTaggart could not resist. He snuck closer and closer to try and see and hear what was going on. Padraig snuck up on a big meeting of the ogres and saw Golkabob himself. He was an ogre with blue skin and a shock of wild white hair. The Oni himself did not spot Padraig but it seems that a necklace Golkabob was wearing had an eye encased in amber. The eye moved and seemed to spot Padraig. Padraig overheard this conversation between Golkabob and a hill giant named Gordon:

‘I am Golkabob and my masters have summed you as your people have something in their possession that we greatly desire. They have foreseen an awakening of ancient magic and have facilitated a movement across the land of artifacts of old. There is a gold ring in your King’s possessions with old Elf writing on it and a bright blue stone. Take this as a gift. Return to your King and I promise another coffer just like this one if you bring me the ring.’

He opens the coffer in front of the giants face and a bright white gleam bounces off and onto his face like in the movies, then he closes it, offering it to the giant with an outstretched hand and a slightly evil smile.

‘With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?’

‘I am Gordon and I accept your offer Golkabob. This one and at least four others must come with me. We will return in one cycle of the moon to this very place.’ The one Ogre growls and orders the three standing there to gear up. ‘You three get ready to leave immediately.’


At the conclusion of the meeting it was clear that the ogres were coming back inside. Padraig ran as fast as he could sprinting past the other fortune hunters and leading them out of the ogre warrens the way they came in. Enoch took the lead at that point, leading the party deep into the forest and away from the warrens as fast as possible. Things were looking good an hour into the journey when a loud howling gave away the wolves that pursued them.

Shortly thereafter the wolves were upon them biting and ripping with sharp gnashing teeth. A quick battle ensured with Padraig hewing the beasts with wide arcing swings of his long axe. Enoch used his battle axe to chop the wolves. Eravim and Delphinian blasted away with their magic. Soon the forest floor was littered with the bodies of dead wolves and the group hastened onward.

Enoch led them to a small cave where the fortune hunters first encountered ogres. The party was exhausted and could run no further. They would have to make a stand here. They managed an hour long short rest before their hunters found them. A large group of wolves flooded into the ogre cave. Delphinian’s mummified hand was waiting just inside the cave on the ceiling. It signaled Delphinian when the attackers came. Padraig MacTaggart and Enoch stood side by side in a narrow section of tunnel that funneled the wolves such that they could not get around the tough warriors. Padraig called on the power of his ancient ring and released a howling maelstrom of an gust of wind. It slowed the wolves advance and knocked them back. Padraig and Enoch hewed at the beasts with their axes while the rest of the party reigned magic down upon them.

As the wolves were buffeted by the magical winds and hewed down, a large group of ogres came in behind and began to fill the ranks. The narrow tunnel terrain advantage bottled up the ogres so only 1 could attack at a time. The Fortune Hunters were thankful they were not forced to face the creatures out in the open.

Brother Eravim used his command spell to force the lead ogre to undress. This action provoked an attack of opportunity from both Padraig and Enoch and earned Tim an inspiration point.

One of the ogres were slain but many more are pressing forward…



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