Ring of Air


Properties of the Magic Ring:
At Will the wearer can shout loudly so that his voice is heard across a battlefield by all.
1/day – the wearer can cast Gust of Wind

This ring was recovered from the Hall of the Goblin King by Padraig MacTaggart. It was lost long ago during the Goblin Wars when his ancestors were at war with the goblins.

Stem found the following info in the library of Belmont.
He found a large volume about artifacts from the Goblin war and there was an entire chapter about Paidraig’s magic ring. It is one of five rings in a set, the Ring’s of the Five Elements. There is a Ring Water, Ring of Air, Ring of Space, Ring of Earth and Ring of Fire. In addition to each having a power there are additional benefits if more than one ring is attuned to one person and also, if attuned as a group with different people each wearing on of the rings. The rings were all lost in the underdark except the one taken out by a Barbarian prince after the Goblin Wars. Stem remembers that Miles had said a prince was killed two weeks ago and only a ring was taken, one that was from the mines and resembled the one in Padraig’s possession.

Ring of Air

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